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Is this ok for a fast day?

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Youcanringmybell Mon 12-Aug-13 12:41:50

Today is my first fast day...
Please tell me if I have gone wrong somewhere.

Black Filter coffee
(20 mins jogging)

Small pot of onion hummous (176cals)
6 cherry tomatoes and an inch of cucumer

later I am having white fish fillet (80cals) and tablespoon of sweetcorn and 2 tablespoons of petit pois.

Probably another filter coffee..does this sound ok or too much? confused
Other fast days are going to included veggie soups, veggie curry and clear chicken noodle soup.

BeaWheesht Tue 13-Aug-13 20:32:26

Thanks frenhfancy

KandyBarr Thu 15-Aug-13 11:11:27

I missed the Horizon programme - I'll check it out on catch-up. I'm fasting today, and found getting through that first day a great psychological boost. I was far less daunted last night because knew I had done it earlier in the week. How did you go yesterday, Bell?

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