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Fast Day - yet I've just scoffed TWO BIG PIECES of Nigella's Malteaser Tray Bake

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SunnyRandall Wed 31-Jul-13 15:38:17


So I am already at 600 cals before my evening meal

Damn you rainy days and bored children making me bake.

Think I'll abandon the fast today and do another on Fri.

Or should I just have salad for tea?

SunnyRandall Wed 31-Jul-13 15:39:17

I should add that the evil tray bake was BLOODY GORGEOUS.

ELR Wed 31-Jul-13 15:39:32

Have a boiled egg and salad for tea and make it a 750 cal day!

SunnyRandall Wed 31-Jul-13 16:48:28

Well I have cooked some chicken drumsticks for tea earlier somaybe I will have one with salad. Hardly a fast day though. Grrrrr.

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