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5:2/4:3 Shredders!!! Tips...motivation...results!!

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monster54 Wed 24-Jul-13 20:51:24

I know that I struggle with exercise...I've ordered the DVD and am going to take some measurements and check in here!!!

Anyone else who wants to join in LET'S GO!!!!!!

TrucksAndDinosaurs Fri 23-Aug-13 01:36:33

Well done wriggle
Level 2 is quite exciting after level one.
There is also nothing as hideous as lateral arm raises lies about chair squat with V-fly-

monster54 Fri 23-Aug-13 07:56:10

L2D4 done!!!!

I struggle with level 2 ALOT is done in the plank/push up position and my worse strength is upper arms!!!

Still at my lowest this morning but not further loss last couple of weeks, I think it might have something to do with missing period!!

I've read intense exercise can kick hormones out and affect periods!! I know 30mons is hardly intense but I suppose doing that 5 times a week compared with nothing probably is intense!!

wrigglebum Fri 23-Aug-13 08:15:05

Well done monster. Yes, exercise can definitely affect cycles. The shred five times a week is quite intensive if you've not been exercising before- it might be only 20 minutes but I certainly feel that I'm sweating and have an elevated heart rate for a while after I stop.

Another thing, hope I'm not being rude, but how old are you? Any chance you are peri-menopausal? I understand that can affect cycles.

monster54 Fri 23-Aug-13 08:34:50

Yes I think that's what I'm puttin it down too.

Completely skipped now. No offence taken, but I hope not!! Only 30 years young ;o)

wrigglebum Fri 23-Aug-13 09:38:52

Probably too young then (unless your mum had a very early menopause), I hope so anyway since you're younger than me! Probably just starting exercise then.

monster54 Fri 23-Aug-13 11:25:04

Felt very cramps for last 2 weeks like its threatening to arrive!!! But nothing!!!

Oh well see what happens. I've got same target as you wriggle, new wardrobe at 10st!!' Just 11lbs to go!!!

monster54 Fri 23-Aug-13 12:03:05 body has ever called me petite until today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy dance!!!!

TrucksAndDinosaurs Fri 23-Aug-13 19:53:40

How exciting to be petite!
A v nice victory smile

Level 3 day 7 recorded for posterity.
I phoned it in a bit today. I went half speed on jumping lunges and rock star jumps.

However I did a full set of real not very deep travelling sideways push ups.

I have been stuck at 144lb for two weeks.
Been doing 16:8 but only full FD once a week and drinking a glass of dry white most nights which I guess is the culprit.

Calories about 1250 - 1650 on NFD. That's much less than I used to eat but I guess my body is catching up with itself after dropping a stone pretty fast in 40 days...

wrigglebum Sat 24-Aug-13 21:23:33

L2D1 done! Managed a few Natalie moves but mostly Anita and lower weights until I get used to this level. Some of the moves are tough and I was dripping sweat afterwards. Feel pretty happy I got through it though, hoping I can walk tomorrow!

delilahmoo Sun 25-Aug-13 20:57:22

Hello Shredders! Sorry for crap response/involvement, I have been joining in, I promise!! Day 7 shred done, taking my time as per advice by other shredders. Decided to really 'hone it in' and fucked my ankle!? Having a 2day rest then back on. Anyone done the 6 pack DVD out of interest?

TrucksAndDinosaurs Mon 26-Aug-13 16:51:14

Weekend off and back to it today: level 3 day 8!
I am going to keep going all week on it level as it is quick and effective and I am not sure I have time for the six week six pack one (which is 40 minutes I hear).

wrigglebum Mon 26-Aug-13 22:59:44

L2D2 done, no easier than the first time! Struggling to keep up with the Anita moves. Oh well, I'll keep at it.

Ordered a JM boxset with shred, no more trouble zones, banish fat boost metabolism and six week six pack. Looking forward to trying the others when I've finished shred, will be good to mix it up.

wrigglebum Tue 27-Aug-13 08:43:41

Not aching at all this morning after last night's shred- phew!

Still holding on at 10st1.6 but I can see that I'm getting leaner so I'm not too worried about the scales. Fast day today, don't think I'll get a chance to shred but I'm usually pretty busy anyway with two boys to run after! A friend just had twins so going shopping for presents today.

NotAsTired Tue 27-Aug-13 18:38:53

Someone give me a stern talking to. I have not done the shred since before I went on holiday. I thought I would get straight back into it but I keep putting off starting. Why I have no idea. And it's been so long (21days) that I don't know where to start. I was on L3 D4 I think. Any ideas anyone?

wrigglebum Tue 27-Aug-13 19:35:58

Why not do a couple of goes at L1, another couple at L2 and then finish L3. The longer you put it off the harder it will be to get into again, you just need to make it a habit.

Jillian will give the stern talk when you start (just thinking there needs to be some sort of JM app to kick butt if you give up).

TrucksAndDinosaurs Tue 27-Aug-13 19:42:38

Just do level one. Just do it now.
It's 20 measly minutes and it will be a piece of piss.
Go on, you can waste the same amount of time boiling a kettle, wiping a surface and writing something on MN.
Go on go on go on...

Poodlequeen59 Wed 28-Aug-13 13:25:59

Hi just wondered what shredding is? I'm about to start 5:2 diet. Anyone like to join me for support and encouragement ?

TrucksAndDinosaurs Wed 28-Aug-13 16:03:30

The 30 day shred is an exercise video by Jillian Michaels, all three levels are on youtube. You can get loads of support with 5:2 on man thread in this

TrucksAndDinosaurs Wed 28-Aug-13 16:03:51

Main thread not man thread! Although there are men on it!

wrigglebum Wed 28-Aug-13 23:42:35

L2D3 done. Was babysitting for a friend tonight so did it round her house. It doesn't get any easier!

monster54 Thu 29-Aug-13 13:39:51


Bad way over here...shocking TOTM arrived...terrible head cold.

Generally feeling like I'm completely not coping....FT job, small baby, 5:2 and shred, house work.....just non stop.

Haven't even managed a fast this week. The first time in 6 months I have failed to even get 2 fasts in....

I dread even getting anywhere near the scales....

What a mess....sob sob!

So glad everyone is sticking throught better. I looked at the same box set wriggle good value! And keen to mix things up on finishing shred, if I get there!!!!

TrucksAndDinosaurs Fri 30-Aug-13 00:40:58

Oh dear hope you feel better soon monster.
At least it finally arrived!
Day 9 of level 3 done the end is in sight.
It's 6.40pm here, put toddler to bed and I'm bored, considering doing level one to see if its much easier after all this time.

Then again I might not do it and have a cup of tea instead.
Gosh my life is exciting.

TrucksAndDinosaurs Fri 30-Aug-13 02:16:19

<sneaks back on>
I did level 1 and broke a nice sweat, the lateral raises with side lunges remain a pain in the ass. But s ch easier than when I started!

Then I got excited and started six week six pack.
I like the fact that it is so manic and cheesy (Jillian is tiny, ripped and is plastered in slap which runs off with sweat and she also has a stupid flapping long hair do which you can tell she feels daft in). NO time to be bored as you are charging through the exercises. I also like the fact that it is so ab focused as I prefer ab work to cardio. There are a few Shred moves in there like mountain climbers. Side planks are ludicrously hard. I fell over repeatedly.

You do a whole set of exercises at warp speed then start over at an even faster pelt. I did the first round then sat back, stretched and observed s I was getting in a right tangle with some of it and it helped to try it then watch it. Though if you are injury prone maybe watch first and pause/rewind. The beginner versions are done by a Barbie doll, whom Jillian teases. The hard versions are done by a leggy grinning woman who looks like a comic book kick ass heroine which is something to aspire to - she's graceful and ROCK HARD.

Anyway I liked it so that is something I will happily move onto from the Shred, though I will keep doing hired when I'm pushed for time - I think level 3 is a great workout and much more fun than 1 and 2 levels.

Happy shredding everyone!

TrucksAndDinosaurs Fri 30-Aug-13 02:17:42

...keep doing hired? No, keep doing Shred, twatty phone.

wrigglebum Fri 30-Aug-13 22:30:50

L2D4 done, nearly half way now! Really didn't feel like it this evening- been up since 5.30, and yesterday was a 4.30 start. Hence I have only managed one fast day this week, but I haven't pigged out on sweets, fizzy drinks and chocolate like I normally would when knackered.

Did have a gorgeous apple and blackberry crumble this evening after going blackberry picking with friends, it was a lovely morning. DS made up for that by being a little terror in the afternoon though!

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