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Today I begin!

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CommanderShepard Mon 01-Jul-13 12:21:20

DH's boss says he's had a lot of success with this diet so I shall have a go. Why not!

I've decided on my fast days being when I'm at work - that way I can't hoover up DD's tea for her since nursery feed her lunch and tea.

It's lunchtime now and I've had one Muller Light, a cup of tea with a spot of milk and an apple (and lots of water). Am feeling fairly good though I do have another apple in reserve, just in case.

Fingers crossed this works!

frenchfancy Mon 01-Jul-13 12:46:42

Well done for getting started. Just a tip, apples aren't necessarily the best this, they have too much sugar so tend to spike insulin and cause hunger.

Boiled eggs are often recommended (though I don't go in for them myself) but having a carrot rather than an apple would be an improvement. Only to make it easier for you, no because there are any rules.

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