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How long have you been fasting and how much weight have you lost?

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ChocolateBiscuitCake Mon 24-Jun-13 19:40:20

Have done my first fast day today and struggled...was fine until children's tea time and then became like a woman possessed at not being able to pick at their spag Bol! I was grumpy and snappy the rest of the day!

Desperate to lose last stone of baby weight (done 2 already) and need to focus on the task at hand.

Would love to hear the positive outcomes of fasting so far, please smile

MissWimpyDimple Mon 25-Nov-13 21:21:24

Just done my 4th fast and really struggled through it. But weighed myself this morning after 2 non fast weekend days and had lost 4lbs so I do feel motivated.

Chocrock Wed 13-Nov-13 14:30:50

6 weeks, I have lost 10lbs
Hoping to lose my target of 21lbs by xmas then switch to 6:1.....
Good luck everyone!

HelenMarina Thu 07-Nov-13 14:19:08

These messages are really inspiring! I'm on my first fast day today and feel really positive about this! Have lost 4 stone with WW but getting disillusioned with it now. Hope 5:2 is more sustainable for me!

somewherebecomingrain Sat 26-Oct-13 15:06:36

Hi I've been doing it about 5 months. I've lost 14-17 lb (it's moving around a bit) and 4 inches off my waist.

I've gone slower than some but it's felt right.

Lilacroses Fri 25-Oct-13 23:51:24

Have been doing it for 6 weeks and lost 10 lbs. Really pleased with that. Have found it very easy and convenient. It has made me realise how much crap I was used to eating. Have a stone to go, feel fine about it. Dp has been doing it too and has lost 16 lbs. We both feel it is very sustainable because of its part time nature. Good luck to all.

BsshBossh Wed 23-Oct-13 14:11:20

I call this the thread of inspiration so am bumping for newbies.

I've been fasting since February 2013 and have lost 30 lbs so far (to add to the 3 stones I lost in 2012 doing basic calorie counting - 5:2 is by far the easiest and least boring of the two). Have 9 lbs left to go.

Kaluki Tue 22-Oct-13 11:26:36

6 weeks and I've lost 5lbs. The only week I didn't lose any was a week before my period.
I've lost about an inch off my muffin top as well!!!

Bluecatfabric Sun 20-Oct-13 09:15:58

I have been doing it about 3 months and lost a stone and an inch off flabby bits.
Dh has lost the same. I now have bmi in normal.

Elizabethk1966 Wed 28-Aug-13 06:47:03

Started yesterday! Surprisingly coped really well... Mantra ' it's only 1 day' yo yo dieted for years usually ww. But feel deprived with ww no light at the end of the tunnel! 5:2 seems much more appealing. Weighed 11.5 this morning weighed 11.1.5 😃 aware average is 2 lb pet week I would be delighted with that! Goal is 9.10 good weight for me fit any size 12 then. That's my aim! Didn't eat at all until dinner as eating a breakfast would have started my hunger! Kept busy more importantly kept focused! Short term goal - cousins wedding 5 Oct want to be 10 10!! Read the book really easy read,read in a day or so dipped into it last night in bed to keep me focused. Watch this space!

randomwhistle Mon 26-Aug-13 14:36:48

Claricemis you will get there! I lost 5lb at this weeks weigh in. I still have 2st to go (3 if possible) but I'm determined.

Claricemis Mon 26-Aug-13 12:43:27

Fasting day 3: 2.2 pounds so far. Feeling really good. But I have 42 pounds to go.

randomwhistle Fri 23-Aug-13 17:56:36

I lost 17lb in 5wks its my 6th weigh in tomorrow. I'm doing 4:3 every week. Drinking at least 3 litres of water a day (no other drinks). I'm vegetarian and low carb on fast days. I have 3st left to loose. So far my BMI has come down from 33 to 29 last week. I can't wait to be in a healthy range!

fussychica Fri 23-Aug-13 12:58:19

6 weeks - nothing - FFS.

bibliomania Thu 15-Aug-13 12:03:45

Half a stone in two months. Not as impressive as some, but I'm pleased. Instead of fasting from morning to night, I more usually do early lunch then 24-hr fast (with 1 or 2 smallish snacks) then late lunch the next day. It feels pretty easily and sustainable. I haven't stinted myself during non-fast days. If I can keep losing weight slowly under this rather relaxed version, I might as well go with it.

wealthypensioneriamnot Tue 13-Aug-13 11:38:46

Wildwater I am sooo envious of your weight loss! I am the same age as you and 5 ft. 4 inches tall. For years ( until I hit the menopause ...... why does no one warn you ? ) I was around 8 st. 12 lbs . Next time I looked I was over 11 stones . How did that happen ? Oh yes, weekends away , eating in nice restaurants , drinking nice wine mmmm. My doctor now tells me I am borderline hypothyroid , which having googled it seems to imply that losing weight will be a struggle . Having said that I am so fed up with being this weight having effortlessly been a size 12 for years that I am desperate to make the 5/2 work for me .It has been a very slow weight loss ..... all the more depressing when weight just seems to drop off other posters ..... oh, and my DH too . Any tips you can pass on would be gratefully received.

wealthypensioneriamnot Tue 13-Aug-13 11:23:42

Plecofjustice.... so glad I read your thread. I am also borderline hypothyroid and post menopausal and need to lose around 2 stones in weight . I have been doing the 5/2 since the beginning of May and have only lost 5 pounds . I am getting a bit fed up but at least my weight has stopped going up ! Also , having read some of the other threads I have realised that sticking to the 500 calories has been a bit slapdash for me . I tend to splash milk into my tea and coffee at will and that probably adds a couple of hundred calories . Still, reading your thread has made me decide to continue regardless of the thyroid business ... the thought of losing 8.4 kilos has cheered me up !

wildwater Mon 29-Jul-13 17:25:59

Started last November at 83kg. Now just under 60kg - I think. Love the fast days, and love the body I haven't had since I was about 16. (I am now 63.)

formicadinosaur Mon 29-Jul-13 10:04:06

Wow, inspirational stories!

I've been doing this two and a half weeks and a few days ago I'd lost 5lbs. Next weigh in tomorrow?

Talkinpeace Sun 28-Jul-13 21:37:17

))))))) SNACKING ((((((((((

Clocked my weight on 1st September last year at 10 stone. Blech.
Started 5:2 (having watched the programme in August) and was 9 stone by the end of the term.
Have hovered just under 9 stone since then.
Am currently aiming for 8 stone 6 in time for September
but basically doing 5:2 for health not weight

lower limit of healthy BMI for all people is now 18.5
upper limit of healthy BMI is 25 for white and hispanic and black people and 23 for all asians

karen1105 Sun 28-Jul-13 14:49:52

Thank you, will look up that app. I don't eat much and I didn't know if you do need to eat a lot on your non fast days to make this work? I have done two fast days and I just snacked all day rather than eating set meals, anyone experienced out there, do you think that's ok ?

Lizzabadger Sun 28-Jul-13 11:55:43

Lost half a stone in one month of mixed 4:3 and 5:2 with zero fasts.

cannotfuckingbelievethis Sun 28-Jul-13 08:30:28

Hi Karen - I'm not as experienced at 5:2 as other MNers on here but I think you may be better using the MFP app to track your calories on non fast days. Most people seem to have better results when they reduce their usual calorie intake by around 20% (I think ?! from memory) and then fast as usual on the fast days. I think there is more info on this on another thread, will try to find it and link if for you.

I've been fasting for around 3 weeks. Lost 5lbs.

karen1105 Sat 27-Jul-13 20:58:42

hi all,
my first post on mums net!
just started 5;2diet, been on slimming world and have lost 20lbs but its slowed right down now and i am getting less motivated to do it. My thought is to do slimming world on 5 days as thats a "healthy" way to eat and fast on the two days....thoughts?

SunnyRandall Thu 25-Jul-13 12:07:44

I use MFP to track calories every day. I set it at "aim to lose 1lb per week" which allows me 1550 cals a day. But two days a week I only have 500. I find it easy to stick to 1550 most days but usually go over on Saturdays. But still lose weight due to the fast days.

It is brilliant and MFP is amazing. Don't think I would have managed without it.

Going to be nowhere near svelte, I have 5.5 stone to lose to get to BMI 25 blush

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