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Fasting 5:2

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Ummaadam Sun 23-Jun-13 23:45:28

Just wanted to say that this is a wonderful way to eat/ fast. I am cheating a bit, if you can call it that, because as a muslim , fasting Monday and Thursday out of the week was recommended by the prophet Muhammed , peace be upon him, 1400 + years ago. You fast from sun rise to sun set on mon and Thursday. I've been doing this for maybe 3-4 years now and truly there are so many benefits both for the mind and body.
It's great for the digestive system, it makes you feel active, you learn to be patient and also very grateful especially when it's time to break the fast. Those who have fasted in this way know the benefits. It also puts a bit of a distance between you and food. Which for someone like me is a relief. Maybe it's my age or my kids or everything else, but feeling hungry every time I feel tired, angry, fed up or just plain bored is not very healthy! I've been watching all the news on this fasting 5:2 for quite some time, starting with that gentlemen s documentary and I'm not surprised .
Anyway, the beautiful month of Ramadan is about to start 10/11 July , 30 days of fasting , from dawn to dusk, with a predawn meal. I highly recommend it. I have to say to get through the fast, for me intention is paramount, you've got to know why you are doing what you're doing , and also in Ramadan, it's not just abstaining from food and drink but also controlling ones tongue, so you only say what is good and controlling ones temper and so therefore improving ones patience - it's really improving oneself , that can't be bad for you or me or the people we live and work with,can it? Those who've fasted 5:2 and know it works have a look into Ramadan?
Thank u

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