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Just a few questions

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SoTiredAgain Tue 28-May-13 08:49:13

Hi, I am thinking about starting the 5:2 WOL but I just have a few questions.

I've bought the book and read the info on here. In the book it says that we can eat normally, don't have to calorie count on the non fast days but the advice on mumsnet is to track TDEE calories. Why is that?

Actually, I don't have a problem with this as I quite like tracking calories. I obviously would not need to do this for life, only until I retrained my brain in knowing what a portion of something looks like?

I will be using MFP to track calories. So I need to set my goal to maintenance? And eat maintenance calories on non fast days? My TDEE is actually only 1500. In the book it talks about 500 calories being a quarter of the calories we eat normally but that's obviously based on 2000 calories. Will I still lose weight? Although I would like to do this for life (we have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes in my family - at the moment, I'm the only one in the family who does not have to take medicine), short term weight loss is what is on my mind. I have a holiday in 10 weeks time, and I have about 10lbs to lose. Is that realistic?

And finally, I do have blood sugar problems. Will I be okay on fast days? Does anyone else have experience of this?

Sorry, this post is so long! Thank you for reading.

frenchfancy Tue 28-May-13 09:09:02

Hi sotiredagain. I'll try and answer your questions for you.

We often recommend that people count their calories on NFDs (non-fast days) just to get a grip on whether what you think is normal eating is actually normal eating. My recommendation is that you start doing 5:2 not counting on NFDs and only count if you find you are not losing weight. I have had times when my weight has plateaued that I've counted for a couple of weeks, but in general I don't count.

We stick to the general figure of 500 cals (or 600 for men) because it is simple, and we like simple. You should still lose weight as long as you have a deficit over the week.

10lbs in 10 weeks is realistic. Use a tape measure too, for most of us it isn't how much we weigh that counts but how we look, you may well find you lose inches before lbs.

In terms of blood sugar I think you need to suck it and see. Maybe make sure you have a snack with you just in case (boiled eggs are often recommended, but I could never see myself walking round with one in my handbag). For some fasting helps to solve blood sugar issues as it gives the body time to get the insulin balance right. I feel less tired than I used to after eating and I don't feel weak on fast days (but did a bit at the beginning).

Come and join us on the big thread for more discussions.

SoTiredAgain Tue 28-May-13 23:14:01

Thanks, French, for answering questions. You will see me on the main thread in a few days once I get myself organised and actually start.

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