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First fasting day... and I have failed...

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katykuns Sun 26-May-13 23:10:54

Only got all the way through to 9pm on just over 400 cals, and broke, and ordered a massive chinese takeaway. Feeling disappointed in myself tbh. It may have been down to feeling a bit under the weather due to starting my period this afternoon. I just really thought I could make it. Wondering whether my relationship with food might need a bit of work before tackling fasting days. I am so anxious about being hungry, and especially going to bed hungry...

fluffypillow Sun 26-May-13 23:40:01

I felt that way for the first few fasts. I'm only 5 weeks in, but each fast gets easier.

Don't worry about today, no point in beating yourself up. You did really well to get to 9pm, so congratulate yourself for that smile Baby steps is the key, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

This is a brand new way of eating, and takes some time to adapt. I felt anxious about feeling hungry, and the thought of going to bed hungry terrified me, just didn't think I could do it. Now I am fine with the feeling of being 'empty' and prefer it to being over full. I am not panicy about tummy rumbles any more! In fact I never eat after 5pm anymore because I don't like to go to bed on a full stomach, and like getting up in the morning and feeling 'lighter'. I used to stuff myself with chocs etc... every night before I started 5:2. I don't feel the need to do that anymore.

Put today behind you, maybe give yourself a couple of days, then try again. You will get there, and in a few weeks time, you will be seeing the results, and it will feel so much more natural.

Good luck, let us know how you get on smile

frenchfancy Mon 27-May-13 06:49:41

You did well to last through to 9pm, you now know you can do that again. I think the easy access to takeaways is one of the difficulties when trying to maintain a healthy way of eating. Next time if you really need to eat something then try and have something that is only 3 or 400 calories, that way it still counts as a fast.

Cyb Mon 27-May-13 07:00:49

Why is being hungry so bad? What could happen ?

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 27-May-13 07:03:12

I'm always ravenous the day before/on which my period starts.

Don't tell yourself that you need to fix underlying problems before trying again. Do both things at once!

There are several long term 5:2ers who found it impossible to get down to 500 cals at first. Maybe try 800 next time, then work your way down?

katykuns Mon 27-May-13 12:22:17

Why is being hungry so bad? What could happen ?

I don't know really, it just freaks me out. I spent the whole day in a whirlwind of cravings, all for the worst food I could get my hands on... all salt and sugar. Ate that massive chinese, it didn't even taste that good, and I didn't feel great afterwards... I'm not sure why I tell myself I need these things, and that they will make me feel better.

Trying to dismiss it and blame it on starting my period, then try again on Wednesday.
Fluffypillow, evenings are the hardest part for me. I can eat virtually nothing in the day, but then binge of chocolate and crisps etc straight after a big main meal. It's something I have done for years, and in a silly way, I feel like I really need it. It's amazing what bad habits you get yourself into with food...

fluffypillow Mon 27-May-13 21:18:47

katykuns believe me, I know what you mean about feeling the need to eat in the evenings. I had a terrible habit of putting the kids to bed, then raiding the cupboard blush . It was a comfort thing. I did it for years too, even when I've been on 'diets' I just couldn't change it.

I do know this though, I couldn't have broken that habit without 5:2. It has totally changed the way I think about food, in a very short space of time. Because of fasting 2 days a week, I really understand now what it feels like to be hungry. I have so much more control over what I eat. I'm making better choices, and no longer feel the need to continuously over eat.

You said you may need to work on your relationship with food before you tackle fasting, like tortoise said, do both at once. 5:2 really does have the potential to 'reset' the way you think about food, and change the relationship you have with it.

I know you can do this, because you sound just like me a few weeks ago, and I am doing it!

Believe in your self, and this WOE, and you will soon be feeling much more relaxed around food, and have much more control.

Good luck smile

Talkinpeace Mon 27-May-13 23:02:17

If today's fast fails,
fast another day
it does not affect the long term aim ....

katykuns Tue 28-May-13 00:23:25

Thanks for the words of encouragement fluffypillow smile I will attempt another fast day on Wednesday. Perhaps reviewing the food intake so I can really maximise the use of calories, and eat 2 as filling 'meals' as possible, as opposed to the 1 meal at 2pm I did yesterday. x

Amberz Tue 28-May-13 06:32:52

I am going to try this today as I was like you and fell by the wayside on the first attempt and only lasted till 8pm and was or thought I was starving , you have done well and keep going I so want to crack this, as have tried every diet under the sun and really want to loose the weight and keep it off this time!, good luck to you.

newbiefrugalgal Tue 28-May-13 09:18:43

This was me yesterday but I only got to lunchtime.
I'm fasting today if you want to be fasting buddies.

ThisWayForCrazy Tue 28-May-13 19:33:44

Do you take a multivitamin. If you don't then try it, they tend to subside cravings.

Amberz Wed 29-May-13 19:14:40

KatyKuns this was me a few months ago, Yesterday I succeeded to Fast, and had normal day today, so will Fast again on Friday, please do not give up , for me it was a Mindset , and could not get my head round it , but now it is like a light has been switched on , I tell myself eat less and to be honest I found the Fasting okay was not craving anything , so please be kind to yourself you can do it!!.Let me know how you go take care of you !

TartyMcTart Wed 29-May-13 22:23:36

9pm must be the worst time of the day when you're fasting. If you can get to that time and you feel you're going to crack, go to bed! Then only a few hours of sleep and you can eat again.

AFingerofFudge Wed 29-May-13 22:36:25

katykuns well done for getting to 9pm! I'm the queen of over-eating in the evenings although I eat pretty well during the day. But come 9pm, out come the doritos, the chocolates, more chocolates, the haribo etc etc.

I know lots of people who do the 5:2 diet and rave about it but I'm a stubborn old bat sometimes and deliberately dig my heels in and decide not to do something "because everyone is doing it"
However fluffypillow your words have really struck a chord with me this evening and I must admit I am now considering it. I would love to be able to change the way I feel about food.
Watch this space....

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