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5:2 Diet Thread! 7 is our lucky number...

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GreenEggsAndNichts Mon 19-Nov-12 12:57:16

The continuing thread for those of us following either the 5:2 diet or the alternate-day fasting diet. Both are two versions of Intermittent Fasting, which you can read more about here.

The 5:2 diet was featured on Horizon in August 2012, and essentially requires you to fast for 2 non-consecutive days per week. The other 5 days, you can eat what you like. Alternate-day fasting is just how it sounds; you fast every other day. By "fasting", we mean that we keep our calorie consumption very low, around 500 calories on average, on those days.

I know a number of people lurk on this thread, as this is currently quite popular. Please just jump in and post if you're new- we won't bite. Well, maybe on a fast day. wink

Here is a list of links to get you started with this way of eating. Please let us know if you find a new article or some other information online:

First things first, here are links to some of our previous threads: most recent one before that another one etc!

Another thread which breadandwine has started is a good resource for some of the links and tips that get lost in these big threads. In addition to sharing links, we try to condense some of our top tips for fasting there. Keep in mind, we all do this differently, so these are just tips, not rules.

frenchfancy has a recipe thread over here, please post any low-calorie recipes there so they don't get lost in these bigger threads!

Here is the link to the BBC article regarding Michael Mosley's findings, which was featured on Horizon.

Here is where I would link to the aforementioned Horizon programme, but it appears as if the BBC have finally noticed it on YouTube and have taken it down. If you have another link for this episode, please PM me with it, or post it to the thread and we'll put it up for the next thread.

A blog post here gives some of the scientific explanation for why this way of eating helps you to not only lose weight, but improve your all-around health.

A Telegraph article which comments on the diet and gives a brief overview.

A study discussed here gives commentary specifically addressing the effect of this diet on obese people (both men and women), with regard to both health and weight loss. ("After 8 weeks of treatment, participants had an average 12.5 lbs reduction in body weight and a 4 cm decrease in waist circumference. Total fat mass declined by about 12 lbs while lean body mass remained relatively constant.) it also mentions "Plasma adiponectin, a protein hormone that is elevated in obesity and associated with heart disease, dropped by 30%. As did LDL cholesterol (25%) and triglycerides (32%).")

Important link if you are currently your ideal BMI: this appears to suggest the benefits for women at a lower BMI might not be seeing the same health benefits that are found on men at their ideal BMI.

And for those already fasting, here is a link to 100 snacks under 100 calories. We tend to favour lots of hot drinks during the day (count your milk if you use it!)

Another food link, here is a link to the BBC Good Food site, with a list of low-calorie soups.

We mentioned BMR and TDEE often. Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) quantifies the number of calories you burn in a day. This measure is best estimated by scaling your Basal Metabolic Rate to your level of activity. TDEE is critical in tailoring your nutrition plan to desired fitness goals. Here is a link to a calculator to help you figure out how many calories you should be eating in a day.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have been contributing, btw. Most of us are learning this way of eating as we go along. All of the links above have been posted by others in our previous threads, and they've been very helpful. Sorry if I haven't given credit where it's due, but it was just enough of a job getting all the links re-copied and back into one post.

Come join us, and tell us about your experiences with this diet!

CecyHall Fri 07-Dec-12 10:15:35

Thank you thecyclistist

I have a huge long way to go, but as long as there is progress I'll be happy!

mumofcrazynamedkids Fri 07-Dec-12 10:24:23

I just weighed in too, and i have lost exactly 12 pounds in 4 months, starting weight august 7th, so actually more than 0.5 a pound a week, more like 3 pounds a month, which is great. I also think that if I weigh in tomorrow I will be another pound down, it's my TOTM so will have water retention too.

so close to a stone lost, be good if I can get there by Christmas!

Laska42 Fri 07-Dec-12 10:25:01

Well people , no more weight loss for me today , but STS which is good, I ended up on about 950 yesterday after abandoning the fast but feeling better this morning so hopefully have fought the cold off but wont be eating until the work lunch today..

Now my only prob ( apart from the fact I should actually be working right now) is which party frock to wear grin Actually I don't think i can go too overboard .. dont want to shock them ..

Laska42 Fri 07-Dec-12 10:26:24

W£ell done MOCNK feels great doesnt it ? grin

mumofcrazynamedkids Fri 07-Dec-12 10:40:45

Thanks *laska yes it does feel great, I just feel so in control, and my mum and brother have bought me and the chidlren the latest playstation Wii for christmas (i have to say I was a little down at the mouth, thinkingthat was totally a gift for the kids) but now I've realised there are all kinds of aerobic and pilates type things I can do with it, and as It is difficult as a single parent to get the time to go out for a run, i could actually start toning up too, which is definitely needed, I would love to have a firmer tummy and bum!

mamarun Fri 07-Dec-12 10:45:03

Well done MCNK. Loving this.

TheCyclistist Fri 07-Dec-12 10:52:34

Thanks for the Technical Support Laska smile , have updated it....hopefully. If it hasn't worked this time I might do something radicle like read the instructions...or shout at the computer and log off, yes that normally works wink

Laska42 Fri 07-Dec-12 11:15:25

oh sod it they need to be surprised ,might even make then realise im not such an boring old fart after all, so im wearing this one I bought earlier and showed you all before

Cant wait to see the new slim you bro have you got one in your cycling lycra ?grin

GreenEggsAndNichts Fri 07-Dec-12 11:22:47

lol Laska grin

BTW for those of you not participating in posting photos, I totally understand. I'm happy to put mine up for short periods of time, but I, too welcome the anonymity. Not for this thread as such, but for those I post in in other parts of MN. I know a few acquaintances in real life here who are on MN and while I don't think I'm particularly controversial, it's nice to just state my opinion without people worrying over who I might be. smile

mumofcrazynamedkids Fri 07-Dec-12 11:39:14

greeneggs i was too late to see your photo this morning as you'd obviously taken it down already!

mumofcrazynamedkids Fri 07-Dec-12 11:42:31

laska woop! I agree they need to be treated to you looking amazing as I'm sure you do in that dress!

I'm trying to decide what to wear to my work do, James bond theme, i.e. glamorous next thurs, I have a lovely red audrey hepburn 50's style dress, but feeling like wearing something a little sexier. might need to hit ebay!

TheCyclistist Fri 07-Dec-12 11:43:08

grin no, no lycra Laska. I'm cycling from Cornwall to John O' Groats in May next year, maybe then...from a distance wink . When one of the kids get home I'll get them to take a photo of the new me...

Bet you'll look amazing in that dress tonight Laska, have a great evening!

CecyHall Fri 07-Dec-12 11:47:28

laska that dress is gorgeous!

pookey Fri 07-Dec-12 14:59:29

Have a great time Laska, looks like a perfect dress and subtle christmasy colour!

Don't really have many photos of me all about the pan lids! - will see if I can find a before and maybe put up an after round christmas!

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Fri 07-Dec-12 15:19:59

where's Laska's dress??? Damn you're all putting photo up too quickly and taking them down...I actually can't find a single photo of me at my heaviest (immediately after leaving university at 12.5stone) I think I might have burnt them all

mumofcrazy your dress sound gorgeous!

Cyclist being seen in my lycra next year is what is massively motivating me! I don't want to spread across the charity website looking like a heffalump - cycling gear is so bloody unforgiving (I look better in a swimming costume!)

fast day yesterday came to a bad end I'm afraid - downfall came when I started picking on DC tea. Annoyed at myself and really have to get back into that positive mentality of "I can do's just today".

Out for lunch and dinner tonight (but both japanese so shouldn't be too calorific anyway) then first training ride in months tomorrow morning...

pookey Fri 07-Dec-12 16:00:27

Girlwith good luck with training ride tomorrow! You def can do this I have fallen off wagon twice this week but did a really good fast wed and so far so good today.

Talking of heffalumps, Dp calls me HH heafty heffalump also MTFF, which is apparently to do with financial forecasts but also means Muffin top fat fanny!!! Apparently it is all said with a great deal affection and not a reflection of my figure which he loves [hmmm].

TalkinPeace2 Fri 07-Dec-12 16:51:10

dress picture did not come out - taken after my meal!
will get a jeans one before supper

but have put up some old ones for fun
and BTW - in irfanview you just use the eraser to get the lines and then save as another name - easy to make safe pictures for forums.

literarygeek Fri 07-Dec-12 19:14:54

Lovely dress, laksa! Look forward to seeing you in it.
TIP2 I like your blue mask. And your kitchen.

I am on second fast day in a row because I have a long eating weekend ahead. Feeling clear-headed but was sorely tempted to devour the moist, chewy-looking courgette brownies (yes, really- they're delicious) I made with dd earlier. Tomorrow I'll have one with a cup of hot almond milk mmmmm....

Whoever said they were having double Japanese today- I am so jealous! Have something very pickled gingery for me.

B&W I tried the hot water today, being at a place that only had black tea or coffee (I have been off the caffeine for three weeks)- you're right, it was just what I needed to warm my cockles!

Happy weekend, all'

literarygeek Fri 07-Dec-12 19:18:37

Err, laska even. Can you tell I am hungry for spicy coconutty yumminess?

TalkinPeace2 Fri 07-Dec-12 23:16:51

PS weighed in this morning : 16 pounds lost since the start of term. Am now firmly into size 8 - lighter than I've been for nearly 30 years. BUT all my friends describe me as 'toned' rather than thin ;-)

pookey Fri 07-Dec-12 23:46:59

TIP size 8 grin wine

onit Sat 08-Dec-12 08:17:05

Noooooooo. Old scales temperamental so got new ones yesterday with Tesco voucher exchange. Now weigh 6lbs heaviersad, and suspect they are more accurate. So I've probably lost the same amount of weight, my new smaller clothes fit exactly the same as last night, so why do I feel so upset? confused

TalkinPeace2 Sat 08-Dec-12 13:31:49

check them with some food tins of known weight

FoodieToo Sat 08-Dec-12 14:44:13

Yes that happened to me too.
My old scales weighed me at 7 pounds lighter!!

You have still lost the weight,so well done.

And it s better to know your correct weight.

Also,this woe is so easy that you can have confidence that you will continue to lose. It's not like your efforts have been on vain .

dontcallmehon Sat 08-Dec-12 18:28:56

I've uploaded 2 pictures to my profile - one of me before starting this way of eating and one of me quite recently. I am very impressed with the results! Let me know what you think.

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