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5:2 Diet Thread Part Six! Now's the time to de-lurk and chat with us..

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GreenEggsAndNichts Thu 25-Oct-12 12:49:03

The continuing thread for those of us following either the 5:2 diet or the alternate-day fasting diet. Both are two versions of Intermittent Fasting, which you can read more about here.

The 5:2 diet was featured on Horizon in August, and essentially requires you to fast for 2 non-consecutive days per week. The other 5 days, you can eat what you like. Alternate-day fasting is just how it sounds; you fast every other day. By "fasting", we mean that we keep our calorie consumption very low, around 500 calories on average, on those days.

Here is a list of the links we've gathered so far about this diet. I hope I haven't left many out, but we've filled several threads by now. Please share if you find something particularly useful, and we'll add it for the next thread.

First things first, here are links to some of our previous threads: most recent one before that another one.

Another thread which breadandwine has started is a good resource for some of the links and tips that get lost in these big threads. In addition to sharing links, we try to condense some of our top tips for fasting there. Keep in mind, we all do this differently, so these are just tips, not rules.

frenchfancy has a recipe thread over here, please post any low-calorie recipes there so they don't get lost in these bigger threads!

Here is the link to the BBC article regarding Michael Mosley's findings, which was featured on Horizon.

Here is a link to the first part of the aforementioned Horizon, subsequent parts of that episode are linked on that page.

A blog post here gives some of the scientific explanation for why this way of eating helps you to not only lose weight, but improve your all-around health.

A Telegraph article which comments on the diet and gives a brief overview.

A study discussed here gives commentary specifically addressing the effect of this diet on obese people (both men and women), with regard to both health and weight loss. ("After 8 weeks of treatment, participants had an average 12.5 lbs reduction in body weight and a 4 cm decrease in waist circumference. Total fat mass declined by about 12 lbs while lean body mass remained relatively constant.) it also mentions "Plasma adiponectin, a protein hormone that is elevated in obesity and associated with heart disease, dropped by 30%. As did LDL cholesterol (25%) and triglycerides (32%).")

Important link if you are currently your ideal BMI: this appears to suggest the benefits for women at a lower BMI might not be seeing the same health benefits that are found on men at their ideal BMI.

And for those already fasting, here is a link to 100 snacks under 100 calories. We tend to favour lots of hot drinks during the day (count your milk if you use it!)

Another food link, here is a link to the BBC Good Food site, with a list of low-calorie soups.

We mentioned BMR and TDEE often. Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) quantifies the number of calories you burn in a day. This measure is best estimated by scaling your Basal Metabolic Rate to your level of activity. TDEE is critical in tailoring your nutrition plan to desired fitness goals. Here is a link to a calculator to help you figure out how many calories you should be eating in a day.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have been contributing, btw. Most of us are learning this way of eating as we go along. All of the links above have been posted by others in our previous threads, and they've been very helpful. Sorry if I haven't given credit where it's due, but it was just enough of a job getting them all in one post this afternoon. wink

Come join us, and tell us about your experiences with this diet!

Florence1205 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:35:11

sweetonion I could be wrong but I think it is up to you how you do it as long as there is a 16 hr break giving cell repair & growth time to kick in & your metabolism will have started using your fat stores up by this time? I may be a bit wrong but that is how I understand it!!!
i do it the other way round as it fits in better with the kids... so my lunch will be shortly, about 1pm here & have had breakfast & will not eat again until tomorrow morning so my fast will be at least 18 hrs long but that is what suits my family, as it if it works, I have yet to see as still only my first week!!! hth x

Laska42 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:53:39

its still there florence on page 2
roasted carot, red pepper tomato lentil soup . I love it

Laska42 Fri 26-Oct-12 11:56:14

Cheers a lot trills (not)smile Just what i needed when im just about to go out for eating day lunch at the pub !! hope you feel better soon..

KateRuggles Fri 26-Oct-12 11:59:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Florence1205 Fri 26-Oct-12 12:10:29

blush oops, thanks Laska, I must have had a seious 'mummy brain' as I didn't realise there was a page 2!!! lol

Well done to all you losers, hope to join you next week!!!

Lunch was lush, now just need to be strong until breakfast tomorrow!! now off to find the soup on pg 2....

ManOnBoard Fri 26-Oct-12 12:19:34

DGTD, SweetO, Flo Many of us do not do the 16 hour thing, including DrMM, and still seem to be getting the benefits. Personally I never used to but do now as a fast day for me feels easier without breakfast and my weight loss has been constant, google 16 hour fast though there is loads on there.

My weekly WI marker is Saturday and after a 3lb gain last week intended to do 4:3 instead of 5:2 by adding today and I have been doing an additional half hour walk after dinner. I weigh myself daily and as it looks like I will wipe out the gain, and then some (possibly 7lbs) I will just eat normally as I think this is just too much, too quickly (and I have the day off at home).What do you all think?

Porage used to be a frequent breakfast for me but I now always have something with higher fibre in an effort to restore my body's equilibrium. Also after watching Horizon it struck me that what I used to think was a positive in the slow release benefit of porage seems to contrast with what we are aiming for with regard to insulin production.

ToffeeChops Fri 26-Oct-12 12:19:50

Well done Laska - hearing about other people's success with this WOE makes the hunger pangs easier to bear!

Someone (I think maybe Breadandwine?) said on an earlier thread that they have become evangelistic about intermittent fasting - me too! In fact I think I may have got my first convert having just spent the best part of an hour on the phone to a friend spreading the 'good news'. She's asked for links to the programme and other helpful webpages. I've done all sorts of diet plans, slimming clubs etc in the past and never felt I could recommend anything as wholeheartedly as I can this.

Eating day today - just off out with Mr Chops to get lunch in the tea shop on the edge of the village. The weekend starts here.....! wink

MikeOxardForHalloween Fri 26-Oct-12 13:08:40

I've had an accidental week off! Since getting to pre-ds weight I have relaxed a little bit. I kept fasting until dinner time and then thinking 'ah feck it, let's have cake and I'll fast tomorrow'. Rubbish. Finally got my act together yesterday and low-carbed. I think it made a difference. I ate 500cals worth of eggs, cheese and ham, and didn't crave anything else. Will definately keep that in mind for future fast days. Have to try to keep my motivation up now, still a stone to go to pre-dd weight.

TheCyclistist Fri 26-Oct-12 13:33:54

Well done Laska it's great to see people achieving their goals.....where do you go from here confused it'll be interesting to see how things go over the next month now that you've hit such a long standing goal (break out those Jalopino bites you were talking about wink and the wine

So brilliant to see so many new people on the thread stepping out of the shadows and contributing, welcome to all. And a huge thanks to Greeneggs for starting and running such an inspirational thread.

On two 'Up' days now until Sunday. But the beauty of this WOE/WOL for me is that I can basically eat whatever I fancy over the next couple of days without having to worry and by Monday will still be able to fit in clothes sizes I haven't worn since my long gone teenage years.

...As has been said before I LOVE THIS WOL. Good health to you all grin

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Oct-12 13:41:59

Weighed in today. Stalled. Ah well.
My target was to lose a stone in the half term and I only managed 11 pounds ONLY tee hee!!!

Various friends have commented how much flatter my tummy looks and the crease under my arms is getting neater.

It will be interesting to see how I do as my BMI is 21.5 so I suspect if I wanted to lose much more I'd have to cut back on the weekend wine.

DH's BMI is nearly down to 25 and the weight is still falling off him !

Trills Fri 26-Oct-12 14:02:44

I either do or don't do 16 hours depending on if you count coffee (filter coffe with a little bt of milk and sugar)

Piebaldrider Fri 26-Oct-12 14:09:35

I have just read the blogs form that feadfast feed blogger that Florence posted the link for. I am already quite active out of work and ride and now go to the gym but i couldnt survive his regime of excersise let alone fit it in with my life as it is. In my view he is eating too few calories for so much excresise but good luck to him. I prefer the more gentle approach that seems to be working for us. I just cooked my zero cal noodles, i can make them look nice , i can make them have a reasonable flavour but i cant eat many as the rubbery texture is quite difficult to get used to . I chopped them up realy small and tried swallowing them whole but i still couldnt manage very many. I will try again another day maybe putting them chopped up in a soup.

Trills Fri 26-Oct-12 14:13:15

I bought some zero noodles too (sheep blush) and will be trying them this evening.

Florence1205 Fri 26-Oct-12 15:16:46

Also, I am on MFP with the same name if anyone wants to add me (still getting used to it as only started using it on Monday), great site but another great recommendation from you guys!!! x thanks

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Fri 26-Oct-12 15:46:52

Yay well done Laska, TalkIn and Mike (you might have already said about getting to pre DS weight, sorry if I missed that!)

WI yesterday for the first time in ages and in 6weeks have lost about 4-5lbs. To be honest was hoping there'd just be some movement on the scales because I can tell from my clothes that I've changed shape and "lost weight". Think I def could have lost more but I like my wine and if I hadn't been doing this WOE while we've had so many guests I definitely would have put on a lot of weight

My best friend flies out in Saturday and really want to talk to her about this WOE, need to plan the conversation well though because I'm aware it can sound a bit eating disorderish until you get down to the details - any ideas? I just think it would really suit her, we're the same age, work I the same industry (long strange hours, lots of socializing) both love good food and occasionally sitting in and eating a whole tub of ice cream blush both put weight on around our middles quickly and easily.

She's been in a show in the regions the last few months "living like a student" so is worried about how fat she's got. The real discovery about this WOE is that it can be for life - I can enjoy my wine (in moderation!), good food, occasionally eat a cheese toasts with my son without feeling guilty for it, and not put weight on. I do eat pretty healthily so it's not like I'm fasting to make up for copious MacDonalds and Fish and Chips or anything, but this seems so much easier to maintain for life than anything else. Add on the health benefits and you're laughing.

So, how would you start the conversation? She arrives Saturday, we're just going to do a beach day on Sunday so was going to fast then and Tuesday as that's the only day we don't have a dinner or party or night out planned while she's here

ManOnBoard Fri 26-Oct-12 15:47:25

PiebaldR Florence I read the blog too and it just confirms what has been said repeatedly on here that "experts" talk bull as they have, as yet, no evidence. IMO we have more knowledge than the authors. bloggers, publishers, self publicists, profiteers etc as we are doing it and when the results do come out, if they recommend a full calorie free day then that is what I may do, as now we all know we can do it, in the meantime I intend to do as I am doing as it is working for me. Also, the same as Bread and Laska, I find myself biting my tongue so as not to appear evangelistic but know of 3 people who are doing this too after noticing the visible success I am having. To anyone I would say "try it if you succeed great, if you fail you have saved a few quid on groceries"

Alaska77 Fri 26-Oct-12 15:48:12

Hi All, thanks Greeneggs for the brand new post. I've read and contributed to all the others but have been absent for a couple of weeks and this thread has really moved on!

Way to go Laska, really proud of you.

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Oct-12 15:54:49

I'm quite happy telling people about it - FAR better to do this than spend money on gimmick foods and failing weekly meetings
and I've visibly lost weight in two months.
What's NOT to be pleased about.

Trills Fri 26-Oct-12 16:02:21

Whoops... I have bought some gimmicky food.

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Oct-12 16:05:51


ToffeeChops Fri 26-Oct-12 16:30:07

Hello GWTMH, is your friend likely to notice your weight loss? That usually gives a way into a conversation on eating (or not, in this case!) in my experience.

Speaking to my closest friend on the phone today I happened to mention my new WOE (she was asking how I'm managing without a kitchen as we're having building work done so it came up quite naturally) and she immediately said 'Tell me all about it, I'm bigger now than I've ever been and I'm absolutely desperate.'

On the other hand, I've initiated a conversation with a couple of people at work and they just nodded politely and weren't really interested. I wanted to say 'Look, you have to try this, it's brilliant!' but it's a bit tricky to do that without implying they're a bit of a chubster.

Had corned beef hash at the tea shop.....totally lush Autumn comfort food and best of all NO GUILT! grin

TheCyclistist Fri 26-Oct-12 16:38:31

Hi GWTMH I know what you mean about wanting to share the benefits of this WOL, I feel evangelical as do others about this at times (I should get out more). For me the best way of getting someone to take it seriously without sounding or looking to weird is to suggest watching the Horizon programme. That was my tact with someone I cared about and it worked 100%.

Almost every single person who knows me has commented on the difference in me over the past 8 weeks or so which is strange in a way as I lost about 35lb between last Christmas and this July and have lost about 20lb since starting this, no-one seemed to really notice until I switched to this, probably as this has affected my shape more than anything else.

On a personal note I suppose one of my flaws is I'm always so sure I'm right I need to see that I've convinced someone of the 'truth' as I see it (even when I'm wrong), but with this I feel no need to convince as I'm sure deep down that this is a good and healthy way of living and if they choose to follow it then so much the better...and if they don't there's no problem, this WOL is still valid and it's there for them if they want.

Hope it goes well.

FastFeeder Fri 26-Oct-12 17:17:51

Hi Everyone

I've been lurking on these threads for ages but the title of the current one has flushed me into the open, if only to say a heartfelt 'thank you' for being a source of entertainment, inspiration and support over the last month or two. Here are my answers to the questions posed earlier:

a) fasting since: 17th August
b) how many fasts a week: 2, usually Mondays and Thurs or Fri
c) pattern of fasts: generally skip breakfast and lunch and save the calories for an evening meal
d) benefits noticed: inches off waist and hips, having to be creative with calories (someone has already linked to the recipes I'm sharing on my blog), really savouring the food I eat on fasting and non-fasting days, lost about 6kg/14lb so far
e) negatives noticed: spend a lot more time thinking about food! Can get a bit 'hangry' before eating on a fast day.

Plan to drop to 6:1 once I get to my target weight (just a few pounds to go). smile

Blondie276 Fri 26-Oct-12 17:30:55

Hello again to all!
I'm sat here doing some work on an eating day and am writing this post to distract myself- why may you ask!
I find that now that I'm aware of it- I have a regular battle with wanting to eat because I fancy something but NOT because I'm in the least bit hungry. Although its an eating day I'm still consciously learning to eat when my body tells me to - not my head and eyes!
Anyone else know what I'm on about? Do hope I'm not the ony one!

TalkinPeace2 Fri 26-Oct-12 17:49:48

You are by no means the only one.
For DH the hardest part has been recognising that a rumbling tummy will survive for an extra hour and that being a bit hungry is what we were evolved to be.
And yes, learning not to snack - when the whole industry for the last 40 years has told us to - is REALLY REALLY hard.
Are you drinking plenty?
I find a pint of water is good instead of a slice of cheese!

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