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Mirena vs mini pill vs endometrial ablation

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cassgate Wed 07-Nov-12 14:30:48

Ok after experiences please as am unsure what my next step should be.

Bit of background. As soon as I hit 40 periods went haywire. Was having periods every 14 days, very heavy, clotting, flooding the works. Had blood work, scans, swabs, smear. All came back normal. Paid to see a private Gyne who said all points to annovulatory cycles and I was likely gonna go through an early menopause but could continue with these bleeding cycles for number of years. He offered mirena or endometrial ablation. I didnt like the idea of either really. I had heard many bad things about mirena and felt it was too early to be going down the surgery route. Decided to try mini pill instead. Has been a nightmare, constant bleeding on two different mini pills micronor and cerazette. Have given it 18 months and have had enough as am now into the fourth week of a period from hell with no sign of stopping. Stopped taking the pill on sunday but am still bleeding so went to see gp today. Her advice wait until normal cycles resume (couldnt say how long it would take for this lot of bleeding to stop - have just got to wait it out) and then try mirena. She said that many women bleed heaviliy on mini pills but are ok with mirena as the dose of hormone is a lot less. Now I just dont know what to do, I still hate the idea of having something inside me but she was very pursuasive saying that she had experienced the same heavy bleeding herself on mini pill and now has the mirena herself and is on her second one with no problems.

Help is there anyone out there that has had heavy bleeding with mini pills but been ok with the mirena.



chocolateistheenemy Sun 18-Nov-12 03:35:28

I had the Mirena for about 14 months and hated it. My periods sound very similar to yours - debilitating. With the Mirena I bled almost constantly, not much but enough to never be able to go without a pad.
I've now had an endometrial ablation (2 days ago). Early days but Im hoping this will be the beginning of better times...
Don't worry - the surgery is fine. Im 37 btw.

Seabird72 Mon 14-Jan-13 16:59:04

what is involved with the endometrial abalation? Just had the Mirena fitted and having no problems so far but have bumped up all the Mirena threads because I have started to read lots of horror stories! I want to have an idea about what steps to take if the Mirena doesn't work out for me.

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