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Does having the mirena put in hurt?

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banana87 Thu 23-Feb-12 13:17:18

I'm sure this thread has been done loads. I've already decided the mirena is for me but nervous about the insertion! I have 2 children but epidural with both! I'm a wimp when it comes to pain. Should I request a local?

Furball Thu 23-Feb-12 13:20:25

I requested a local! - after having my second one fitted with a local - I wanted the same for me third.

As you can tell I'm a big fan and yes I'm on my third.

It's not that bad and if you find it is uncomfortable - it is literally for only 40 seconds so nothing rally in the scheme of things

plus side = I've had no periods for 10 years! result.

I just had mine fitted 2 weeks ago and had been putting this off for a year. Was dreading it and I didn't have a local anaesthetic but I did get prescribed a muscle relaxant which I took just before. I can honestly say I barely felt it! Just the slightest of period pains and that was it. Haven't had an bleeding since either, just slight spotting here and there but barely anything. So glad I finally plucked the courage up to get it.

Mibby Mon 27-Feb-12 16:48:30

I had two before I had DD and they both hurt. Not agonising but serious ouch. I had another one after DD and barely felt it

LaVitaBellissima Mon 27-Feb-12 16:48:38

I was thinking about getting a Mirena but had heard that it doesn't agree with a lot of people.
I didn't even think about it hurting, how long does it take? And does it hurt when they remove it?

Lozislovely Sun 04-Mar-12 20:33:58


I've had two mirena's. First time was absolutely awful because I hadn't prepared myself at all. Second time was 'ouch' but not as bad. It only takes about a minute. The only way I can describe how it feels is like an injection because of the sensitivity of putting it where it needs to go. I told the nurse I was nervous and she was brilliant. I did ask to stay lying down afterwards as I'm a big of a whimp and faint at anything!!!!

Having it taken out is about 10 seconds if that and you don't feel a thing.

Good luck!!! smile

M1ssBerta Sun 04-Mar-12 20:38:09

Yes, it pinches rather!

Just take painkillers beforehand and keep talking, it got me through it!

Seona1973 Sun 04-Mar-12 20:49:45

I am supposed to be getting the merina on friday. The family planning clinic gave me a single dose of ponstan to take before the appointment to help with any pain. Feeling nervous about it now!

crazynannimama Mon 05-Mar-12 11:24:34

I had mine put in on Friday (bearing in mind I got sterilised ten years ago instead of going through with mirena!). GP couldnt manage, as womb "flops forward" (technical medical term) so went to a different, more specialised clinic. Took pain killer half hour before. Had local anaesthetic on cervix, as tis 12 years since it's been 'stretched' and then just one "whoa, what the f**k was that" moment which was over in seconds. No pain afterwards, just the odd feeling of having been numbed inside. Not as bad as I was expecting, all in all. Just breeeeeaaaaathe! And relax your jaw? I think I once read somewhere you can't tense up 'down there' if your jaw is open. I just started chattering on about all sorts of inane stuff to the lovely nurse.

notso Mon 05-Mar-12 11:35:49

I think I must be a right wimp because mine was really painful!
I wasn't offered any pain relief at all and I had two days of what I can only describe as early labour pains afterwards.

Nevercan Mon 05-Mar-12 22:17:54

In my case no worse than a smear test and no pain after. It was quick and all good

QED Mon 05-Mar-12 22:22:46

I found it horrible being put in - didn't help that they had a disposable holding open my cervix thing that broke so had to have that pain twice. Think i did take some ibuprofen before but didn't help much. Also had to stop the car on the way back (only about 2 miles) as I felt faint, wA

QED Mon 05-Mar-12 22:26:28

Whoops blush. Was sweating loads and thought I was going to be sick. Then had cramps for about 48 hours.

On the plus side no periods for 3.5 years and no increase in depression (am generally depressive type) and I am happy with it smile

rainnie Mon 05-Mar-12 22:31:56

I have had two, having it put in was no worse that the smear, I did cramp for 24 hrs afterward, but no worse than period pain. Small price for 5 years of sex without worry and very light periods that are few and far apart. Go for it.

Seona1973 Fri 09-Mar-12 14:28:34

got mine in today and didnt find insertion bad at all (did take ponstan an hour before though). I am having a little bit of cramping that feels like period pains but not too bad. Hope I have done the right thing and that I dont get too many of the side effects in the list they gave me!

honeybun11 Mon 12-Mar-12 19:43:28

Hi there - I'm currently having super-heavy periods every 3 weeks (and have been for a couple of years) and contemplating mirena - would you guys recommend it? Sorry if that was too much info btw! x

HandMadeTail Mon 12-Mar-12 19:53:48

I didn't find it any/much worse than a smear test either.

But I did fall pregnant on it. 100,000 to 1, apparently.shock

SpottyTeacakes Mon 12-Mar-12 19:55:56

I found it hurt more than the sweep I had at 36 weeks and it took a good ten minutes of fiddling about. It was more uncomfortable but not unbearable

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