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Coming off Norethisterone

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JasmineGrace Wed 17-Jul-19 08:26:21

Hello, first of all I'm just guessing that this is the right topic for this question - just looking for some advice!

Has anyone stopped taking their contraceptive pill and then proceeded to miss a period?!

I've been taking Norethisterone for 18 months with no issues, and had regular periods throughout. I stopped taking it 4 weeks ago to try for baby no.2, and I'm now 13 days late (usually regular to the day) we've taken tests and they have all come back negative. I don't know if my sudden stop of the pill has caused this or we've just been incredibly lucky with falling pregnant so quick! (and yet to find out?!) Has anyone else experienced this when coming off their pill?

Howaboutthisone Sat 24-Aug-19 08:28:48

Just seen this op and really curious as I've been told by one gynae that norethisterone (I'm on 5mg three times a day for heavy periods so take it constantly) is fine to be relied on as my contraceptive, and by another that I absolutely need to use a barrier method with it! Is norethisterone your only contraceptive? Do you mind me asking if it's the same dose as my one?

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