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What contraception do you use?

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Dizzylin Tue 16-Jul-19 18:38:57

I have previously been on the pill but after a few years started with a lot of spotting and six week periods. I have tried the coil but DH could feel the strings and again I had long periods. I recently tried Depo but again I was having 6 week period so since December I haven't used any contraception other than condoms. Thing is neither myself or DH really like the feeling of condoms but we don't want anymore children so need some form of protection. What forms do you use, can anybody recommend something? (DH has thought of the snip but he's not 100% sure he wants to go down that route)

itbemay1 Tue 16-Jul-19 19:19:00

Get him to have a vasectomy. So much easier, my situation sounds similar to yours, I gave up in the end and DH didn't like condoms either so the snip it was!

Pelican88 Tue 03-Sep-19 10:59:25

Withdrawal at the moment but obviously as that isn't a reliable method, I've booked an appointment to discuss getting the copper coil.

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