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Progesterone only pill and bleeding.

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motortroll Sun 14-Jul-19 13:07:51

I have started on Eloine. My second month in. I am on it to relieve symptoms of PMDD and it's worked well so keen to stay on it! I didn't take the break between the first 2 packs as doctor wanted me to run 3 packs together.

My question is has anyone else taken it (this brand or others) and what's your experience of bleeding. After my initial period I have had bleeding everyday. It's spotting to light, enough to wear a pad. Probably same as last couple of days of my period.

What I really want to know is will it ever stop?? Not sure I can live with everyday bleeding for years!!

dementedpixie Sun 14-Jul-19 13:54:54

That's a combined pill not a POP. Mini pill has no breaks and is taken every day.

motortroll Sun 14-Jul-19 20:00:39

Oh, ok well I still would like to know about the bleeding.

jcollins Sun 29-Dec-19 21:42:19

Hi, did you ever shed any light on this? I have been on Eloine about three weeks and have been bleeding for two of them!

LizzeyBenett Sun 05-Jan-20 22:30:56

I've tried cerazette and I gave up on it because I had bleeding every single day, they do say it can take 6 months to settle down

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