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Mirena coil and bleeding

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SolitaA Thu 11-Jul-19 20:36:59

I've had 3 kids and got mirena coil in December bled as expected and then all settled.
When pregnant with 3rd I suffered with on and off bleeds and haematomas.
For the last month I've felt really pregnant. Absolutely exhausted, sick, I'm spotty, bloated etc. Like how I've felt all 3 times I was pregnant. For the last 2 weeks I've also had random bleeds like heavy for a day (gushing Like in 3rd pregnancy) and then spotting for a day or 2 then nothing for a few days then same again. So not a period and heavier than a bit of spotting. Has anyone experienced anything like this or do I need to get checked out?
I am terrified of doing a pregnancy test. My youngest 2 are 20 months and 8 months and I'm really struggling. I am trying to be logical that there's only an incredibly minimal chance I could potentially even slightly be pregnant.

Longlostperson Fri 26-Jul-19 22:21:57

Just found your post. Did you get it checked out ?
I’m having very similar issues. What do you mean about gushing like 3 rd pregnancy? Did you have bleeding on coil while pregnant?

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