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3 days before period and bfn.

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Pixiexo Mon 08-Jul-19 06:43:11

Hey guys,

I'm new to this site so I apologies in advance if this has already been posted or if I haven't posted in the correct place. ( Any help is appreciated!)

I have a 32 day cycle, I've worked out that I must have ov'd around CD 18 (27th June).
So I'd be 11dpo and 4 days til AF.

This will be my second child and I'm experiencing all the symptoms I had with my son, but this time I have burning boobs and my cervix so high I can't reach it (I've been checking 3 times per day, same times everyday). I got symptoms really early this time, probably about 7dpo?

I figured if my symptoms were this strong then surely I'd have a BFP earlier, but all I've had is BFNs.

My chest and boobs are so veiny that they're like roadmaps and I've been getting up at 5am, unable to sleep properly, since 7 dpo too!

I know for sure that I'm not getting obsessed with symptom spotting this time as its my partner and close friends telling me to do a test. Achey boobs is normally a symptom for AF for me, but this is tingly and burning! They're also heavy and a few times per day I feel this weird sensation... It feels like cool water is being flushed around my boobs!?

I know it's pretty early to test and this is our first month TTC again so I know my odds are low, but I just know it. It sounds weird but it was like I just knew on one of our BDing days.

Has anyone experienced this or am I going crazy? Anyone have this ending in a BFP?

Can anyone help put my mind at ease and give me an honest opinion please?

Sorry for the essay 🙈😂

scaevola Mon 08-Jul-19 07:01:47

This is the family planning as in contraception topic.

I think you might get more relevant responses from poosters with relevant experience and expertise in 'Conception'

Though of course if you are not pregnant, and want to discuss a more reliable method of contraception, we can help here.

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