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Remove mirena coil???

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Coco117 Mon 03-Jun-19 22:56:37

Hi...not sure what to do? Thoughts and experiences please!
-Aug 2018 had the depo jab and had 2 subsequent ones at the 8 week intervals.
-My period continued non-stop bar 3 to 5 days about 3 times since and period continues.
-Weight piled on and boobs expanded
-Feelings/moods up and down. Want to be alone most of the time, find playing with my kids a massive effort, don't want husband to come near me and just get on with life.
-Advised to go on mirena. Insertion was beyond horrific (didn't manage natural births x2...but that's another story)
- I've been bleeding since the first jab Aug 2018 and still now...
-GP and gynae say let it settle, you can't put on weight and it's unlikely to cause probs that will shouldn't affect you!
-Do I have it removed? I can't control my weight, feel gross?

Can't wait to hear from you xxx

Watto1 Mon 03-Jun-19 23:00:49

I have definitely put on weight with the Mirena. I’m still bleeding almost daily (mirena put in in February) and my mood swings are shocking. I’m covered in spots for the first time since my teens. Going to give it another month and if it’s still this bad I’m having it removed.

Hiphopopotamous Mon 03-Jun-19 23:13:50

What do you plan to do for contraception if it is removed?
The mirena works where it needs to, so it has the lowest systemic progesterone levels compared to the depot/implant/pill - therefore the least likely to cause weight gain than the others.
Other option is a copper coil but then you have another awful insertion and risk heavy bleeding.

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