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Experience of Mirena/Jaydess vs mini-pill?

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HannahBanana1 Wed 29-May-19 19:18:54


Does anybody have any experience of the Mirena/Jaydess coil after mini-pill?

I'm currently on the mini-pill and have found my mood has been really low since I've been on it, and my anxiety levels have sky-rocketed. I can't stand the idea of staying on this any longer, but I don't feel comfortable just using condoms (my partner and I would rather double-up as neither of us are ready for a surprise).

I can't have the combined pill because of migraines, so my only options are progesterone-only. I've tried the implant and just bled constantly for a year, and the injections made me feel even worse the mini-pill!

Basically I'm wondering if Mirena or Jaydess would be a decent option for me as I know the hormone levels in the blood is less, so side effects should be less....?


SBeckett Sun 23-Jun-19 18:54:53

I was on Cerezette, I'd some acne and low mood, then I had a mirena inserted due to possible precancerous changes in my womb.... big mistake.

I've had non stop cramping (bad), spotting, greasy skin and terrible depression and raging anxiey for nearly 3 months. It's the worst decision I've ever made. I've to wait another 8 weeks to see the consultant to get it out. Wish I'd never agreed, at least you can just stop taking the pill. I can't wait to get this wretched piece of rubbish out.

Tryingtogetitright Sun 23-Jun-19 19:05:57

Following because I'm considering the coil. Sorry to hear it's not working for you SBeckett. It's so hard to decide because you really don't know if it will suit til you try. Can't believe you have to wait another 8 weeks.

SBeckett Sun 23-Jun-19 19:41:07

Problem for me was that it wasn't really a choice. I only agreed because it was presented as the only "good" choice. I've never wanted one so I'm probably more negative about it that most.... my DH has now gotten used to me stopping mid sentence or action to wince as the cramps start...
I'm the only person I know with one having these problems, my friends who have one think they're amazing but I should have really read up before I agreed, I suppose you have to risk it sometimes. Problem is I'm dreading getting it out too as was under a GA to get it in

Gammeldragz Sun 23-Jun-19 19:44:06

Morena gave me terrible ovarian cysts, 18 months of excruciating cramping pains around ovulation, gynaecologist didn't believe it was the coil but I removed it one day after I was fed up living on codeine and the pains went and never came back.
10-12% of women gets cysts with it but not all have symptoms.
It was amazing as birth control though and I had no other side effects like I did with the pill.

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