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Vasectomy advice please

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doozer42 Wed 29-May-19 16:40:48

My lovely husband is having a vasectomy in a weeks time. Anyone got any advice on post opp care. He's terrified and seriously phobic of anything medical so this is going to be very tough for him. Any advice on making it a bit easier would be appreciated.

dementedpixie Wed 29-May-19 16:54:01

Tight fitting pants. Pain killers and maybe some frozen peas/ ice pack. Dh was ok after a few days

Pppppppp1234 Wed 29-May-19 16:56:12

Which one is he having? My DH just had the “no scalpel”, it took 8 minutes, didn’t hurt at all. He took pain killers and wore tight pants for a few days after , the pants hurt him more than the Op he said as they were so tight fitting.
He was off work the next day as this is what is recommended. But all in all was totally fine

DonPablo Wed 29-May-19 16:58:12

Yy to tight pants, days rest and some painkillers.

doozer42 Wed 29-May-19 17:33:15

Thanks. Tight pants ordered smile
He's actually good with pain. I think he will be fine once it's done and he can leave the hospital.

rwalker Sun 02-Jun-19 14:09:13

Only advice DON'T . Post op infection took months to clear left with constant pain . Had to have 2 operations and at one point there was talk of removing a testical. Not always the walk in the park 1 in 10 are left with pain nobody tells you this

doozer42 Tue 11-Jun-19 18:59:33

Thanks all
All went well. It was our last hope (except abstinence!) so glad it's gone ok. Thanks for the advice.

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