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Cerazette & extra long periods

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Lotts123 Fri 24-May-19 19:53:43

I started taking Cerazette 9 weeks after having my daughter by C Section. I had my first period a week later - this lasted 14 days and was very heavy (I wore a tampon and a pad and constantly leaked through everything). My 2nd period came 2 weeks later, this one I would class as normal flow for me, but it lasted for 24 days. I’ve just started my 3rd period 2 weeks after my 2nd finished, only 5 days in so no idea how long this will last! I had previously been on microgynon for years and only came off it in May 2017 as we were considering TTC, very fortunately I fell pregnant on the first attempt. In the year that I was not on any pill my periods were regular and what I would class as normal (4/5 days medium flow, every 28 days). I’ve seen the doctor, she has told me I need a smear, internal examination, I’ve had bloods done today and I’m waiting for an ultrasound appointment. I’m happy that the doctor seems to be covering all angles. In the meantime I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with Cerazette? Or with their periods post pregnancy?

MilkItTilITurnItIntoCheese Fri 24-May-19 19:55:57

I took cerazette for 3 months. Bled every day. I’d say it’s your pill that disagrees with you.

Lotts123 Fri 24-May-19 19:58:00

I’m hoping that’s what it is - everyone I’ve asked who takes it says they had spotting for a while and then nothing!

Foxmuffin Fri 31-May-19 21:16:34

I was about to ask this about destrogrel which I think Is the same drug as cerazette. I have bled every day for 5 weeks, it’s not just spotting either. I’m so fed up.

Lotts123 Sun 02-Jun-19 23:04:39

Yes, that is the name of the pills on the Cerazette box so it must be the same. My 3rs period lasted around 12 days, I’ve got my smear test on Tuesday and waiting for blood results. Still waiting for an appointment for the ultrasound though. I’m pretty sure it’s the pill, but no idea how my periods will be going forwards - it could have just been time for the pill to settle in or it may be ongoing. Either way I’m finding it really difficult not knowing when or if it’s due and how long it will be here when it does arrive. Totally understand your frustration!

Rarfy Thu 06-Jun-19 17:54:32

Well firstly, that has made my mind up. I was just coming to start a post about cerezette. I started it a few years ago and bled constantly on it. I am now 5 months post partum and on my 3rd horrendous period so was going to pick cerezette up and bite the bullet but don't think I will bother.

My periods since birth have been awful. Strangely pain free - I had a section so don't know if thats why I aren't getting any pain as my tummy is definitely numb on the outside.

Everytime I stand up though it feels like I am peeing blood it makes me want to be sick. I went through a sized 4 always in about 2 hours and changed pads 3 times through the night. Before a pad would have done me all night. Sick of them now but bleeding every day would be much worse.

cheeseislife8 Thu 06-Jun-19 18:04:42

I'm on desogestrel (the same thing) and I hate it. I have a period roughly two weeks after the last one ended, and they can range from 8-20 days. Nightmare.
Before TTC I was on the combined and never had a problem but I'm not allowed it now because of migraines. I assumed I was the problem but now I've read this thread I'm definitely booking in to get it changed!

Rarfy Thu 06-Jun-19 18:34:24

I think the problem is that cerezette is the only progesterone only pill. I think I was only offered that one due to weight and probably age. 34 and high BMI. My other options were depo, implant or coils and I don't fancy any of them either.

Feel really stuck. I wanted sterilisation and have good grounds but they said I wouldnt be offered it without going for a long term contraceptive first.

TurnipFish Thu 06-Jun-19 20:45:33

I was looking to start a thread about this too. I started taking cerazette on 27th May, my options are limited due to me being 48, and I’m now on day 11 of bleeding. In the past I had a Mirena which worked for me but the last one fell out, mostly because it had expired & possibly due to a fibroid. As I had split up with my now exh at the time I hadn’t bothered with contraception.
I’m now with a new partner hence starting the pill. My periods are heavy but only last 4 days. I’m fed up with this already & I’m sure it’s affecting my moods already too. I don’t know whether to stick with it & see if things improve or is this an indication of how it’s going to be?

Rarfy Thu 06-Jun-19 20:52:25

The first time I took cerazette they told me to see it out for three months. I spotted on and off for around two months and called it quits. There was no need for contraceptive I could never dtd anyway due to bleeding.

Lotts123 Sun 09-Jun-19 18:30:06

I feel for all of you, but if I’m honest, slightly glad to see your responses because it is making me more confident that my issues are caused by this pill and not something else. I had to cancel my smear last week because I started bleeding again (just 4 days after a 12 day period). I’ve been told not to book another smear in but to try to get an emergency appointment when I (eventually) stop bleeding. I’ve got an internal ultrasound booked for Thursday and an internal examination booked for next Monday (I can have the ultrasound if bleeding but not the smear or examination), I’m still waiting for blood results. I’m starting to wonder if I should have just stopped taking the pill - the doctor advised me to persevere as she said although irregular periods are common with this pill it is not common for the length of time they’ve been lasting. Echoing what you said Rarfy I don’t need a contraceptive because it’s impossible to DTD - doctor asked if all was ok with DTD since my C section and I had to tell her we’ve not done it because I’m always bleeding! Best contraceptive ever 🙄

Lotts123 Mon 17-Jun-19 11:16:08

Just wanted to come back and update in case it helps anyone with the same issues. It can take up to 10 weeks currently for Smear results so I have to wait for those, but my bloods and ultrasound both came back with no abnormalities. I’ve had an examination today and she noticed Cervical Ectropian (cervical cells growing on the outside of the cervix), she said they usually do not do anything about it - it can cause bleeding after sex and is caused by hormonal changes, so taking the pill and/or pregnancy. She’s taken swabs today and will have these back within a week, but she has advised me to stop taking the pill as it is clearly not working - and it’s lucky that I’ve not DTD because she doesn’t think it’s been giving me any protection since I started taking it! In my opinion if you’re having excessive bleeding on this pill don’t spend 4 months waiting for it to correct itself (like me), find an alternative, it is not worth the aggravation (obviously am aware that it works fine for lots of women, just I am definitely not one of them).

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