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Private abortion

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apologyaccepted Mon 20-May-19 16:29:27

I have fallen pregnant with a Mirena Coil. My husband and I don't want to be pregnant; I suffer terribly during pregnancies and the effect on family etc is too much.

I am struggling to get an nhs appointment to get a termination. Has anyone gone private and can you recommend somewhere.

And please don't flame me about my choice.


MakeLemonade Mon 20-May-19 16:33:14

Try Marie Stopes or BPAS - think you can look on the website for your nearest clinic. Sorry you’re having trouble accessing an appointment through the NHS.

IcelandicYoghurt Mon 20-May-19 16:33:16

No judgement from me.

Google your nearest Marie Stopes or British Pregnancy Advisory Service.


elsabadogigante Mon 20-May-19 16:50:06

Marie Stopes or BPAS. Hope you get one sorted soon.

coffeeforone Mon 20-May-19 17:17:30

I hope you get sorted quickly OP. Sorry you are struggling to be seen - is your GP aware that you are pregnant with a mirena in place? I'd have thought you may get more priority as I was told my the HCP that inserted my coil it can be risky (for you too) so it's important that you see a medical professional ASAP.

RoseAndRose Mon 20-May-19 17:24:39

You might like to report this thread and get it moved to the TOP topic 'Pregnancy choices', where there are a number of posters with relevant experience/expertise

JessicaPeach Mon 20-May-19 17:26:28

Marie Stopes and BPAS will usually allow you to self refer, you don't have to go via your gp in order to get an nhs appt. Maybe Nuffield do them privately?

Wishing you all the best x

apologyaccepted Mon 20-May-19 17:43:46

Thanks all. I have had a very frustrating day with this all. Saw my GP who did a test and confirmed the pregnancy but did not refer me for a scan to check where the coil is 'as I was not in any pain or discomfort'.

BPAS can only offer me an appointment on the 30th but won't do it if the coil is still in...and my GP has said they don't need to remove it but it will be done at my appointment and treatment with BPAS. No one actually seems to know what to do.

I have cried so many tears of frustration today...and raging hormones.

JessicaPeach Mon 20-May-19 17:50:29

Could you go to or call your local sexual health clinic? They are usually a bit more knowledgeable about coils. Or ask to see a different gp at your practice. If you don't mind giving a brief (if vague) outline to the receptionist they will usually know which go is best to see

BrilliantYou Thu 30-May-19 18:32:08

I had a termination with Bupa

StewardsEnquiry Thu 30-May-19 18:55:49

You need to get your GP to find out which of your local NHS hospitals does the more complicated terminations and get a referral there. BPAS or MS won't be able to do it for you with the coil still in place. Not many NHS hospitals now do terminations, they are mostly done by BPAS or MS but somewhere local will do the ones that need doing. Go back to your GP.

FrankT Tue 11-Jun-19 17:10:35

I found both Marie Stopes and BPAS to be really good for information and support and managed to get an appointment very quickly. Good luck x

FrankT Tue 11-Jun-19 17:13:03

Just read your update. So sorry this is happening. Being pregnant when you don't want to be is absolutely horrible. It will get sorted - just keep going. flowers

H0neyandme Sun 07-Jul-19 06:51:44

No judgement over here. BPAS should be able to help you. This is their head office number: 0345 730 4030. I believe they will schedule you an appointment after the initial interview, in your area.

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