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Mirena Coil and Joint Problems

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AA47 Sun 27-May-18 14:37:46

Hi. I have had a mirena now for 5 years. I had one for four years and a year ago I had it replaced - so that's five years in total. I have experienced aches and pains over this time. First I had a severe hip pain that had me limping and unable to roll over in bed as it was so severe. This was first diagnosed as a labral tear, i had physio that didnt work. I was then told osteoarthritis but scans showed similar joint damage on both sides but pain only on the Ieft. This has now settled from the initial accute pain but i still have hip troubles. I have lower spinal pain. Knee pain. Neck and shoulder pains both sides and weak upper arm muscles. I was very active and a keen swimmer clocking up over 5k a week. I can no longer swim as I can't rotate my arms without pain or kick without aggrevating my hip. I was treated for a frozen right shoulder last year but even now I have movement in my shoulder I am still in pain. Getting in and out of coats and jumpers is a task! I have just turned 47. I am not overweight. I have a healthy diet. I struggle now with exercise due to my joint and tendon / ligament pain. I used to be extremely flexible but not hypermobile. The gp has run blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis but all is negative. I have researched that mirena can be linked by some women to this kind of pain. I am planning to have it removed next week as I am so desperate for some relief. There may not be a link at all but I can think of no other major change in my life in the last 5 years. Only aging and possible perimenopause but surely the pain I am experiencing can't just be age related. I feel more like 80 in the mornings as I struggle to roll out of bed! Any ideas or similar experiences. Many thanks

SarSpud Mon 08-Jul-19 09:10:14

Hi, I’ve just stumbled on your thread, did you get your coil removed and did your pain improve? I’ve got a coil and have the same issues you describe. Hip pain, labral cyst, back pain, leg pain ☹️ Thanks!

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