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SolemnlySwear2010 Wed 14-Feb-18 12:45:40

Hi, after a trip to my GP today she believes i have Endometriosis.

I have researched it for myself and i do agree that i have a lot of symptoms that check the endometriosis box.

Can anyone give me advise on what to expect?

She wants to start by just managing the pain i am in so has prescribed heavy duty painkillers etc and has said that I should think about a hormone contraceptive (currently on copper coil) as these tend to help.

My issue is that i spent that past 7 years on and off the implant and had decided to go for a contraceptive that didn't have hormones in it as everything else was making me have mood swings/migraines etc.

Are these my only options - to either deal with the pain and bleeding or have to take painkillers every month and go on contraception that messes with my emotions and well-being.


SolemnlySwear2010 Wed 14-Feb-18 12:46:20

Sorry i should have mentioned, i currently have 1 DD who is almost 4 and we are hoping to start trying for another baby in the next few years

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