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Copper IUD removal?

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canderella Sat 13-Jan-18 22:45:50

Hi all,
I recently had the copper coil inserted but I hate it, the cramps are unbearable and I just don’t feel right with it in. I want it removed but my periods are irregular as in it never comes on the same day every month (eg. Day29). I rang my clinic today and they said it has to be removed during your period but didn’t specify a particular day. It will be difficult make an appointment due to the irregularity however I’m wondering for those who have had removals at what stage/day of your cycle did you have the removal? Was it during your period? Did you conceive straight after?

Closetlibrarian Sat 13-Jan-18 22:51:16

I had mine removed during my period.

CariadAur Sat 13-Jan-18 23:07:49

I can't help with your removal query but I have one and so does a close friend. She could feel it, constantly, and it drove her nuts, but it wore off after about 3 months. I had the horrific cramping and it also started to fade at about 4 months... This then leaves us clear and protected for the next ten years, but both of us came choose to having it removed in those early months.

I would suggest that if you can bear it, waiting until you've had it 6 months before deciding might well be the best decision you ever made- it has certainly been the case for us even though we couldn't believe it at the time.

Sixcatsandcounting Wed 17-Jan-18 11:21:28

I had a Jaydess coil removed yesterday. I know it isn’t a copper one but I’m assuming removal will be a similar experience.
(A bit long so bear with me)

I’d had it in for just over 3 years and have wanted it out for a long time but nobody could see the strings so I had to be referred to the hospital rather than just have the GP give it a tug if you will.
I had been scheduled for a hysteroscopy to locate the coil and I came on my period yesterday morning (typical, as I had been told they couldn’t do it if I was bleeding) but went to my afternoon appt anyway. When I got in it was about 25 minutes of explaining the procedure etc, signing a consent form and then I sat in the chair with my legs and the stirrups.

The worst part for me was the speculum - I’ve never been good with them and it was a little bit painful. He said he would try and get the coil out without doing the hysteroscopy so it was less painful. He had a root around for a minute lol then he asked me to do 3 big coughs and the coil was out!

No pain whatsoever. I had some cramps last night but I do get bad period pains anyway so it’s not much worse for me than normal. The strings had made a miraculous appearance and he just got it out with some long forceps. Honestly didn’t hurt at all. I nearly cried with relief when it was out because it’s caused me nothing but problems for the last year or so.

I hope everything goes well for you. I thought having it put IN was horrendous, having it out was an absolute breeze

Ridingthegravytrain Wed 17-Jan-18 11:25:55

They only want to remove it during your period so they know you aren’t pregnant and are unlikely to get pregnant at the time of removal. If you want to get pregnant it doesn’t matter when they take it out.

If I were you I’d book in around when you think you might have it and if you don’t say you just finished. They will still take it out

Or just say you are trying for a baby!

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