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Noriday and mood swings

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Dizzylin Tue 09-Jan-18 21:15:52

Has anybody got any experience with Noriday? I've been put on it after Micronor has been discontinued. I've been taking it for a couple if weeks and my mood is terrible, DH says I'm very difficult to lived with and tbh I am feeling extremely irritated at everybody and everything. I'm also struggling with my sleep. We don't want any more children so thinking of changing to something long term but no idea what.

Honey2468 Sat 20-Jan-18 19:38:00

Hi! Hope you have found a solution by now but what have you tried ? Is the combined pill contra indicated for you ? I’m on noriday and it does take months to settle. For me it’s been worth it since it has but women are all different. I don’t know what you have tried but longer term options are coils (copper or hormonal) or an implant (terrible for constant bleeding although I know a lot of women who love it). I hope this helps

ELH93 Sun 11-Feb-18 23:58:00

I have been on noriday for about five months following the birth of my son. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression mixed with severe mood swings and panic attack’s. I’m convinced it is the pill as I have suffered with this before when I was on it before I got pregnant. I have booked an appointment to have the non hormonal coil fitted next week so I’m praying that these bad side effects will stop! Hope this helps xx

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