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Female sterilisation availability

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MyYoniFromHull Wed 13-Dec-17 06:52:15

Does anyone have recent experience of getting a laparascopic sterilisation? I'm 41 and definitely completed my family, I have an expired mirena at the moment and want to request a lap steri.

Just wondered if rationing would make it difficult to get one, I've booked a gp appt in a couple of weeks

StewPots Wed 13-Dec-17 07:49:33

Hi OP, I've just had mine done, waited about 8 weeks from initial GP appointment to the op, but I too worried about rationing. Didn't apply in my area thankfully, I'm in the SW England.

MyYoniFromHull Wed 13-Dec-17 14:36:09

Thanks. That's a really quick turnaround too, I don't mind waiting a bit if needed. I'm in the north west

MyYoniFromHull Thu 11-Jan-18 23:05:50

The GP has agreed to refer me but no promises about getting the procedure. However my mirena needs to be fished out regardless so I'll see how it goes. Initial appointment next month.

scaevola Sun 14-Jan-18 16:32:02

Fingers crossed for you, OP!

Even if it's a rationed procedure where you are, getting a referral a bit before the start of the financial year sounds like a propitious start

RNBrie Sun 14-Jan-18 16:38:28

My GP said it was about a year from referral to procedure but in actual fact they offered me an apt in 16 weeks and could have been sooner if I'd taken a cancellation. That was towards the end of last year in sw London.

Gingergoddess Tue 23-Jan-18 21:36:52

I’m 42 and having mine next week, I’m in Nottinghamshire and waited about 8 weeks from the day I my gynaecologist agreed to do the procedure (without an ounce of hesitation).

MyYoniFromHull Tue 13-Feb-18 09:02:08

Quick update, I saw the gynae clinic yesterday and no problem, I'm on the list for it. Probably take around 3m and they'll fish out the lost mirena at the same time

pigshavecurlytails Tue 13-Feb-18 09:03:02

Don't forget failure rate of lap steri is higher than that of many other methods.

ThinkOfAWittyNameLater Tue 13-Feb-18 11:19:28

Had appt late Nov. Op yesterday. I feel sore but relieved.

ThinkOfAWittyNameLater Tue 13-Feb-18 11:20:11

Just checked paperwork. Failure rate 1 in 200.

MyYoniFromHull Tue 13-Feb-18 14:48:43

Yes pigs, but I don't want another Mirena, its been lost in there for nearly 9 years. H won't get vasectomy. I can't tolerate mini pill, I'm too old for my beloved microgynon now and definitely need a permanent solution.

MyYoniFromHull Tue 13-Feb-18 14:50:49

And tbh these days I'm working shifts, looking after kids (one with ASD) and the chances of successfully using anything that requires input from me on a regular basis is small.

OutyMcOutface Tue 13-Feb-18 14:53:52

You are often better off going to a sexual health clinic for these things. I waited months for a copper coil with my GP and never ended up getting one. I then went to my local sexual health clinic and got it fitted a week later (to allow for swabs).

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