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Implant removal and period

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PandaEyes2 Thu 30-Nov-17 13:30:50

Hi all,

I had my implant inserted in July. Due to pretty much constant bleeding I had it removed a couple of dats ago.

I was bleeding when it was taken out (had been for about 4 weeks) but suddenly today it's gotten really heavy and I can feel it coming out (sorry TMI). Also been a few small clots.

bit of background - im 25 my son is 13 months. I used to take the pill but was becoming an issue in that I was forgetting I take it after my son was born. Before having him my periods were always very heavy anyway
The bleeding with the implant wasn't particularly heavy but I'm wondering if I'm now getting a "withdrawal bleed" rather than how the implant was making me bleed. Has anyone else had anything similar? I'm keen to just stop bleeding now, it's been going on far too long so just wondering what it could be and if it's normal

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