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Contraception and doctors personal views / opinions

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confused123456 Sat 18-Nov-17 14:57:23

I've been on the pill (Regividon) since I was 16. Had no problems at all, 5 days of withdrawal bleeding which wasn't too bad. I stopped taking it when dh and I decided to ttc. Again no problems and we were lucky to conceive the 4th month of trying.
Had the baby, I chose not to breastfeed (no judgements please). So at the 6 week check I went back on the same pill. Anyway after giving birth that pill didn't agree with me at all - I felt sick when I tried to take it, so because of that I didn't take it often, which resulted in extremely heavy and painful normal periods, that were all over the place. And when I did take it I had breakthrough bleeding.
So I went to the doctor and he changed my pill to microgynon, which was a lifesaver. I can take it no problem, and the withdrawal bleed lasts for 2-3 days and is so light. So needless to say I'm happy with that.
The doctor I always saw left, so last time I went I saw a different doctor. She kept going on about how she doesn't really like the pill, and asking if I'd consider different options (I know they have to ask that). She was saying how she much prefers the mini pill, and would I consider that.
I really don't want to change, it's taken me so long to get things back to normal. And I'm happy on microgynon. It felt like she wanted to give me something else due to her own opinions of the combined pill. But I didn't think a doctor was allowed to let personal feelings impact on a patients medication.

Slightlyperturbedowlagain Sat 18-Nov-17 15:03:11

It depends why she's saying that really. If you are over 35 then it may be due to an increased risk of things like blood clots on the combined pill. But really you need to ask her why she 'doesn't like it' and then make an informed choice. The mini pill was a mare for me as you have to take it at the same time everyday and I was rubbish at remembering it. An unwanted pregnancy brings its own risks after all.

Honey2468 Sun 26-Nov-17 01:53:24

Hey! Not a doctor here but I am a real believer in finding what works for you and sticking with it. In my group of friends every single one of us use something different that we are all happy with. If there isn’t any medical reason to change and you are happy with your pill then you could always just go and get it from a family planning clinic. As long as it is working for you I imagine they would be quite happy to give it for you. I’m on noriday but you have to take it within two hours of when you took it the day before. It’s also only 96% effective compared to Microgynon which I think is around 99%. It’s fine because we always use condoms too but I could understand how these factors could mean it wouldn’t work for some people. The last thing as well, I have tried a few progesterone only methods - the implant, cerazette, cerrelle and noriday. Noriday being the only one I have not constantly bled on. But from a lot of research it seems with these methods you either bleed or don’t. I can’t have anything combined because I suffer migraine with aura on them but the one thing I really liked about them was that I had a regular light bleed and either knew if I was pregnant or not. Now I just take a test every few months to be sure. I would stick with the combined pill if you are happy with it. I really wish it had worked for me x

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