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Tubal ligation

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wiziliz Fri 10-Nov-17 05:38:05

I am planning on having a tubal ligation, please ladies share your experiences. I am really scared and nervous.

Jecan Fri 10-Nov-17 05:45:51

Best thing I did. Went in at lunchtime, went to theatre at 2, was back at the ward at 3 & went home at 6. Was a bit tired when I went home so went to bed early but woke up the next morning absolutely fine. I had a little wound just at the top of my pubic hair that was irritated by my jeans zip till it healed but that was all.
It was such a relief after to know that there was a nearly 100% chance of not getting pregnant - it really improves our sex life at the time.
Hope it goes well for you

HeyMicky Fri 10-Nov-17 05:49:09

I had one, and an endometrial ablation at the same time.

Went in mid morning, home by 4. Very little pain, no bleeding or bloating. One small incision at my bikini line. I had three days off work but was up and about and driving the next day

upthewolves Fri 10-Nov-17 06:29:55

I had one last week, but during a C section. I'll also be interested in responses because to be honest it was a bit of an impulse decision. I know I 100% don't want more DC so when I found out I was having a section I thought it seemed sensible and saved DH having to have a vasectomy. He was prepared to do that but nervous because he has a friend whose vasectomy caused him problems.

I haven't been in any additional pain as a result of the ligation, other than the obvious healing of C section incision. The doctor said I might experience heavier periods but I took that risk as I have always had light ones.

Can anyone who has had one comment on changes to periods or any other changes noticed?

wiziliz Fri 10-Nov-17 08:44:21

Thanks alot ladies. How was your periods after tubal ligation? Was it all normal? Heavy ? Painful? My body is very sensitive, doesn't accept any changes!

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