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Painful sex possibly due to coming off pill

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Carlymarie89 Wed 08-Nov-17 10:10:59

About 2 weeks ago me and my partner had sex as usual. (Two days before that everything was fine) and sex was really painful especially deep penetration! After stopping my stomach was really hurting and lasted for about 3 days like I had pulled myself!

Tried sex again after the 3 days and again was painful (no stomach pain though) was like all of it wouldn’t fit in and I couldn’t bare to go on top! Fast forward a week later AF appeared so didn’t have sex for three days. Tried it again last night and whilst the pain isn’t so bad he can’t go in fully and I can’t go on top.

I’m abit confused as this as never happened before and it just came on suddenly! Went to the GP and the nurse on two occasions and they seem to think it’s my body/hormones adjusting after the pill..I’ve been off the pill since the 16th August and this has never happened until now.

Really written! Has anyone experienced this before? Seems like the doctors don’t want to know and it’s getting me down!

Note: no unusual discharge, no bleeding after sex

MindTheDaps Wed 08-Nov-17 10:12:27

Do you have children? This potentially could be a prolapse but of course you need to see your doctor as they'll be able to advise

Carlymarie89 Wed 08-Nov-17 10:34:58

No, TTC! I’ve been twice and they have put it down to me coming off the pill but I’ve never heard of this before nor does anyone else from searching on google ☹️

RedBunny Wed 08-Nov-17 10:40:07

Is it possibly follwing hormones changing after coming off the pill causing your cervix to be low and so the painful sex? I always find it uncomfortable shortly before and after my period and during ovulation as my cervix is just more sensitive then. Cervical position changes with hormonal changes so could be?

scaevola Wed 08-Nov-17 10:52:40

This is the contraception topic.

As you're TTC and having gynae symptoms, you might find posters with relevant experience/expertise in either Conception or General Health.

Because although you can have some (usually transitory) symptoms when discontinuing hormonal contraception, it's usually just spotting and short-duration bloating, not pain during intercourse.

I think it would be worth seeing your GP to discuss if you need a gynae referral.

Carlymarie89 Wed 08-Nov-17 11:43:25

Thanks RedBunny, I can feel that my cervix is low so could be that! I have a GP appointment in two weeks so will see what they say, again!

Hopefully it goes away by then..just getting myself in a state atm.

Thanks everyone for your replies x

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