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Worriedwombat2015 Sat 04-Nov-17 23:31:43

Last night the condom broke during sex with DH, it was "early on" that it happened shall we say, but not sure how long it was broken before we noticed, 5 mins maybe? It was replaced and we carried on, but on checking my cycle I'm on about day 14. confused

I've been stressing about it all day, I've ordered ellaone this evening, but because it's Sunday tomorrow, it won't be available to collect until Monday afternoon. I'll be within the 5 days...

I know no one can give any guarantees that it'll be OK, but is it likely to be OK? Given he hadn't ejaculated and I'll be taking the Map within the 5 day window? I wouldn't normally be so stressed only the fact I'm on CD14.

All Google is giving me is not so reassuring stories of how this is exactly how their DC arrived.

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