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Experience of switching from Feanolla to nexplanon?

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upsidedownfrown Wed 01-Nov-17 14:44:12

Hi all, had implanon years ago. Hated it, bled constantly so ended up taking combined pill for a year before getting the implanon taken out at the 2yr mark.

Took yasmin for a couple years and all was good but they wouldn't let me take it any longer due to possible heart issues (which are all fine now) so they put me on feanolla mini pill.

I LOVE it! Have had no period for a year, slightly oily skin but that's settling. I sometimes get ibs flare ups though and whilst they reassure me its fine, I just dont trust my pill when I've had to rush to the loo urgently a few times after taking it during a flare up. It just unsettles me a bit wondering if it could lead to absorption issues.

So I was thinking of nexplanon. As I understand it, the hormone in nexplanon (etonogestrel or something) is very similar to feanolla (desogestrel).

Is it likely I'd be roughly the same if u switched? I'd like to think so but my implanon was awful! Was many years ago though so maybe my body reacts better to progestin now than it did back then.

Anyone who's done this switch? Experiences? Dont wanna be stuck with an implant AND pill/constant bleed again

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