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Contraceptive pill vs implant....and mooncups

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Mrsevo1 Sun 29-Oct-17 20:29:46


Can anyone give any opinions/reviews/insight into this for me?

I know everyone is different with what suits their body but has anyone had pretty fantastic periods on the pill, light and short which returned after having baby 1 by emergency c section. Baby 2 was a natural delivery however I've been on the pill (cilest) now for six months with irregular bleeding and periods that even a supadupadupa tampon can't contain after a couple of hours. Is this natural delivery related?! Has anyone had similar and swapped to the implant? If so how did that suit you? We're there any side effects? Was it painful? Would you recommend giving it a try?

One last thing...has anyone used a mooncup?? I need to contain these bad boys whilst deciding what to do....sorry 🤢😂

Thanks x

Watto1 Sun 29-Oct-17 20:33:50

Mooncups are fabulous! I wish I had discovered them as a teenager. I would have saved myself a fortune! You honestly can't tell they are there and they have more capacity than tampons. I wouldn't go back to tampons now if you paid me.

Never had the implant so can't help you there but the pill made absolutely no difference to my periods.

Voice0fReason Sun 29-Oct-17 22:46:40

Big fan of my mooncup - definitely better than any disposable I ever used.

ItsInTheDogsMouth Sun 29-Oct-17 22:56:28

I use a sckoon cup, it's great! If you're thinking about menstrual cups (and I recommend you do), do some research as to your cervix height to get the right length one. Also consider how hard or soft you need. There are pros and cons to each. Soft ones are easier to wear and you can't feel it, but harder to get it to open inside you. Harder ones pop open easier, but some people feel them pushing on their bladder. Don't want to put you off, but worth doing a bit of research to get the most comfortable one. Sorry, can't help with the rest of your question, never had an implant.

Honey2468 Mon 30-Oct-17 18:48:33

I always had really light, short and easy periods on cilest. The headaches were the problem. I would go back to your dr if they are really causing you problems though. I bled constantly for 9 months straight with the implant and it was a real fight to get it removed. Even now I still have pain at the site where it was because it was all bent and twisted when she removed it and that was 6 years ago now but every woman is different and I know lots of my friends and women in my family have had quite a few of them and loved them. Just make sure you are aware of possible side effects before signing up to it because it’s not as easy to change your mind as they make out. I’ve never had the confidence to use a moon cup however I have heard they are really good. Also, have you tried the mini pill ? There are a lot of different pills you could try before signing up for something as drastic as the implant if you were still unsure,
Hope this helps

Mrsevo1 Tue 31-Oct-17 20:37:20

Thanks for your replies! It's all just trial and error I guess...but the three months supply at a time can be tedious when you're testing new pills! Arghhh! Might have to invest in a cup though!

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