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Mirena coil & pregnancy symptoms?

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mummyonam Mon 23-Oct-17 08:48:38

Hi ladies,
I'm new here, be nice! smile

I've been on the mirena coil since the end of January this year and it's been perfect. It completley stopped my awful periods and I've not bled in about 6 months which is amazing!

The past maybe 3 weeks I have been feeling very odd and as it's not going away I'm a bit worried! My boobs are ridiculously sensitive and very sore, they feel very heavy too. I've been getting the usual back ache, headaches, feeling sick and bloated, and very TMI (sorry!) but a LOT of EWCM. Which is really worrying me! About a month ago I had spotting for a few days but it wasn't a lot and it went quite quickly.

I'm yet to do a pregnancy test as I think it's probably nothing but I am getting a bit concerned. I know a few people who have had successful pregnancies on the coil but the ectopic pregnancy risk really scares me. I was quite unwell last month and I read the coil doesn't work as well if you're not well as it all goes by hormones?

I don't know if I'm just reading too much into but if anyone has any similar stories I'd love to hear!

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