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Noriday and the Endless Bleeding

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ottolinemorel Sun 22-Oct-17 13:55:57

Was on micronor for the last couple of years, very few problems, the odd light bleed.

Switched to Noriday end of August as micronor has been discontinued. Same active ingredient (norethisterone).

First two packs all fine, third pack and I’ve been bleeding on and off for a month. Saw doctor who explained it is breakthrough bleeding, common on the mini pill and can take up to 6 months (!) to settle. This has delightfully been accompanied by bloating, sore boobs, constipation and low mood. And yes I’m not pregnant.

Has anyone else experienced this on Noriday? I’m at a loss to work out why it’s happening when it’s the same pill essentially as micronor. I can’t take the combined pill due to migraines, and had non stop bleeding on cerazette so that’s out. Not able to have coil for medical reasons, husband on verge of vasectomy as we’re done having DC but I just wanted to give hormonal contraception one last try. FML I am fed up!

Anybody have breakthrough bleeding with Noriday and did it clear up eventually?

samsterdam Wed 06-Dec-17 19:46:15

have you found out if this was what was causing your irregular bleeding/ am in a similar situation having changed to noriday from micronor in september and my period is ongoing after 2 weeks! ran out of pills to try so also looking at other methods but nervous to try anything else

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