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Copper coil under local anaesthetic?

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Gigi98 Sun 15-Oct-17 17:09:31

Apologies if this thread has been created before but I couldn't see that it had and was in desperate need of some advice.

I have just got back from the doctors who were due to fit a copper coil. I have done a lot of research and was fully aware of how uncomfortable this may be so took 2 x ibroprophen beforehand and had codeine at the ready. Everything was going quite well but then the doctor struggled to measure my cervix due to not being able to get the stick through the hole (sorry to be graphic). She tried pushing slightly but it wouldn't go... apparently I am too small to have the stick go through and she didn't want to push it. I was quite calm during this.

She has now referred me to a specialist working at a sexual health clinic who have advised me that I'll need a local anesthetic... I have never had anything like this before and need some advice on how this is done, how painful this was??... I'm hoping it's a gel although I believe I had this today and it did nothing ... I'm dreading the injection.... can anyone help me on this? Do they inject your cervix and how much did this hurt... can u drive afterwards?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated



Justgotosleepnow Sat 21-Oct-17 08:34:34

In my experience the clinic doctors are so much better at fitting coils because they do it so often. A gp might not do it very often. My gp sent me to the clinic for a coil removal as he couldn't get it out. Doc there had no trouble at all.
So see how it goes, take painkillers before you go but it may well be fine x

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