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Recovery after sterilisation

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alltouchedout Wed 13-Sep-17 13:41:17

I'm awaiting sterilisation (it's going to be Laparoscopy under GA, apparently they don't offer Essure any more which could have been done under LA) and was quite surprised to be told at my appointment today that I should take a week off work after the procedure. Those of you who have had this procedure, would I really need a whole week to recover? And if so, what is it that would make that necessary?

I'm a social worker in a MH hospital, I get buses to work. I need to be able to be fairly active and use stairs etc but not to do anything particularly physical. My brain needs to be working. Could I reasonably expect to be back after 2 or 3 days or is that daft?

Paperowls Mon 02-Oct-17 17:49:43

I've just noticed I've posted the same question, but my advice has been the opposite - surgeon says three days, I think one week. Did you get any other advice on this? I'm expecting to be quite bruised and sore after the op.

alltouchedout Mon 02-Oct-17 17:51:51

Not really... It seems very varied among women I've asked who have had the procedure. I've heard everything from "fine after a couple of days" to "I could have done with the whole month off"!

Paperowls Mon 02-Oct-17 21:06:42

It's so weird how hard it is to get info on this operation. I like to be as prepared as possible for things but it's hard to know what to plan for.

Paperowls Thu 26-Oct-17 09:41:27

If anyone is interested in how it is post op, I'm now three days after my procedure and it's very mixed. I'm totally exhausted, I can't stay awake for more than a couple of hours at a time. My stomach muscles hurt the most - I can't bend over to pick up anything off the floor. My children are ignoring all my requests not to jump on me/over hug me/try to engage me in play fights and there is no way I could look after them on my own. God knows how you would do it if you were a single parent. The other thing is that I can't get any information out of the hospital where I had the procedure done. They gave me a leaflet (printed in 1998 😲) that didn't cover any of my questions and I've rung then and they've said 'it should all be ok'. That's not really the answer I want to my question of 'when will the sterilisation be effective?'
I tried to be as prepared as possible for this (I even provided my own paper pants for the operation) but still the process is very much turn up, get done, f*ck off home so we can get on to the next person.

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