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Copper Coil Hell

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Justanothermama Mon 11-Sep-17 04:14:00

So I've had my copper coil for a year this month. I've kept it on the promise that periods would get better over time, but right now I'm on day 13 on my period and currently only just at the heaviest stage.

On top of that my hormones / moods went awol once the coil was fitted. Again I was told it's not the coil because it's not hormonal, but there was an undeniable increase in PMT to go with the nasty periods. I also get cramps when I never had them bad before.

Since being on the coil I've had to go on to anti depressants as my low mood took a dive. It's hard to say if it's related, but this definitely took a turn for the worse once that sodding coil went in.

Sometimes my husband gets annoyed with the length of my period, as obviously it impacts on "relations" between he and I. Sometimes he even can't believe I bleed for as long as I do.

Oh and then there is the matter of me now having to be medicated for low iron. Causing Pica (urges to eat non typical food items - ice in my case).

I had read things about weight gain with the copper coil, which again I was told wasn't possible due to no hormones - fair enough - but when my PMT got worse and depression set in I began comfort eating so there HAS been considerable weight gain.

So yeah! Pretty cheesed off!! I'm calling up first thing tomorrow to book a removal appointment!

I'd read so many things about symptoms of copper coil which were all dismissed by my (male) doctor, but I'm now convinced that even without hormones the copper coil upsets the balance enough to send other things into disarray. I don't know how or why? But I wish I'd listened to all the other women saying it had caused them problems instead of taking in what my doctor wanted me to hear in a bid to get me "protected".

So I'm wondering if any other women feel like I do!!?

Bosabosa Mon 11-Sep-17 04:27:53

Yes I had some things worsen-heavier and longer-and I think that is well known as a side effect of the copper coil!! It is the hormone-coil which lessens periods-I would look into having that one if I were you. I would say you are suffering too much for the coil to be right for you

Justanothermama Mon 11-Sep-17 04:36:30

Unfortunately I cannot have a hormonal could due to family history of hormonal breast cancer. Although the doctor did his best to sell to me that there wasn't an increased risk, I cannot take a chance and cannot really believe that is true. Back to condoms I guess. I'm awake now in so much pain and really begrudging the sodding thing. I even watched a YouTube of someone getting their partner to remove (not promoting or advocating as it's a stupid idea).

The only thing now is getting an appointment quickly to put an end to my misery. They expect me to speak to a nurse first, which requires a call back. I'm full of anger tonight so let me apologise now! I wish they'd just let me phone up and say "can I book to have my coil out"

Receptionist "Yes of course"

Me "thank you"

Both go about our day!! But instead the nurse needs to OK me to choose what I do with my coil 😭 Oooh I'm angry this morning! No sleep is making me very grumpy 😂

Nandocushion Mon 11-Sep-17 04:45:31

Who on earth told you that your periods would get better with a copper coil? They 95% of the time make them worse. The Mirena coil will lessen or stop periods, but copper will absolutely not.

newbian Mon 11-Sep-17 04:55:41

Justanothermama did you ever consider getting a genetic test to see if you are a carrier of one of the breast cancer genes BRCA1/BRCA2? I have found out despite family history and several relatives carrying the gene, I personally do not, which has made me more willing to consider hormonal BC in future. It might help you understand your choices more clearly.

(sorry to derail discussion)

beingsunny Mon 11-Sep-17 07:43:38

I had this problem, seems that some women are affected by too much copper in their bodies. There are supplements you can take which can help.

I had it removed after it failed.

Justanothermama Mon 11-Sep-17 10:47:51

They told me they'd get better in terms of not being as bad at the initial 'bad' couple of cycles. I was told to wait it out as they'd settle, but they haven't settled to a reasonable level. I was never told this coil would make my periods lighter

Newbian (I haven't worked out how to tag reply yet) I've had genetic counselling, but since the cancer was hormonal testing wasn't required. It's the fact it was hormonal breast cancer that opened by eyes to the fact that contraception does increase the risk of breast cancer, but it's so often brushed over.

Beingsunny - I'm definitely getting it removed. Can't live like this any longer. I've also read about copper toxicity and it's so similar to my symptoms.

Onetedisbackinbed Mon 11-Sep-17 17:56:10

I came on here to say I'm having exactly the same issues. I've used copper coils for 20 years now but since I had dc2 3 yrs ago I'm just not getting on with it now.
My period takes 7 days of light bleeding before it becomes really heavy for 7 days. Flooding for 1 day. 32 day cycle means I spend half my time bleeding and dh must think I'm lying and avoiding sex.
I never wanted hormonal bc due to mothers breast cancer coinciding with her starting HRT and considered a very hormone sensitive cancer. Reluctant to take any chances with that.
So aged 39, what bc options do I have?

Justanothermama Mon 18-Sep-17 02:26:08

Your story sounds indentical to mine! My periods are exactly the same and my husband asks the same questions. He frequently thinks I'm lying and doesn't understand how I can bleed for 16 days in a cycle. My coil is actually coming out on Tuesday thankfully. I managed to get a quick appointment without needing to speak to a nurse, as I've spoken to them previously. I'm hopeful that my body returns to normal asap. I'm actually excited for the prospect of a normal life again. It's neen a year of hell with PMS and horrendous periods.

donajimena Mon 18-Sep-17 02:46:43

I had a terrible time with mine. I was also told my periods would settle down but they didn't. After around 6 episodes of BV I had the damn thing out. I'm on nothing now. Yep. Back to condoms. sad

donajimena Mon 18-Sep-17 02:48:14

I also had it for a year. Periods were ghastly. One super plus tampon per hour and a prescription for Trans acid.

Onetedisbackinbed Tue 19-Sep-17 21:54:46

Have started discussing vasectomy with dh and he will if needed. I will be interested to hear if your periods settle down again once it's out. A vasectomy is drastic action for him to take if this is just the way my cycle is now!

Justanothermama Wed 20-Sep-17 02:02:29

I had it taken out today. Relief! And it didn't hurt either 🙌🏼

Justanothermama Sun 08-Oct-17 00:06:11

Update - approx 2 weeks after removal and the improvement in massive. No pre period spotting. Period started a day after expected and no pre period pains / cramping. No pms to report either. I am feeling LOADS better.

For those worrying about removal - it was painless and gone before I knew it. I never actually felt the removal and I didn't get any pain after.

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