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dunphy0901 Fri 01-Sep-17 10:36:02

So I have had the implant in for two years now and everything has gone fine so far. At the beginning, for the first three or four months, my periods were irregular, lasting about two weeks and were very light. Then I stopped having my period altogether which was fine. But now two years later I have noticed today that I was bleeding again.
I am just wondering if this is normal or should I be concerned? I felt slight period pain this morning as well. Any help is much appreciated.

Niclou98 Thu 21-Sep-17 15:49:42

You don't have periods on the implant as such, it's more irregular and very random bleeding, this is why I had mine removed and tried the depo but now on the pill with a weeks break so I can have "regular periods" hope this helps , nothing to be worriedly bout but if it's annoying you can go to the gp and they can give you tablets to take , to stop the bleeding x

Swan21 Sun 08-Oct-17 00:11:16

Hi! I had a very similar experience to you - had the implant for 2 years - first 18 months was great in terms of periods (much lighter and regular, although my sex drive did drop). After this out of nowhere my periods became heavy and irregular. I ended up having 3 periods a month, where I'd bleed for 4/5 days, stop for a few days then it would begin again. The only remedy I was offered was to take another pill on top of the implant (which I didn't want to do) so ended up getting it removed. I would suggest seeing your GP to see what options they can offer you! Good luck.

PossibiliTea Sun 08-Oct-17 00:13:44

I had exactly the same problem so was put on the pill, same as pp said. It worked for a little bit but then the bleeding came back anyway and I didn't like the idea of the amount of hormones! So just had it taken out. Also think it sent me slightly loopy too!

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