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Breaking through pill

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MrsMyreton Thu 22-Jun-17 13:39:25

Hi everyone,

I had my DD ten weeks ago, and lochia finished at about 4 weeks.

I went back on my regular birth control pill on 'day 21' as advised, but on day 13 of that packet I had a really heavy period. Went to docs/hospital who checked for any retained placenta and infection. All clear. Started new pack of pill after coming off it for a few days and bleeding stopped.

This month, on day 13 again, spotting started and has lasted for two weeks now.

I thought it had finished yesterday, but now bleeding again. Dr thinks it's hormonal and said she isn't worried, advising me to run two packs together. I know I should be patient but I just can't wait to get back to normal!!

Has anyone had a similar experience, post baby? I guess I'm looking for any reassurance and just need to vent!

Thanks so much in advance for your replies.

BringMeTea123 Thu 22-Jun-17 16:29:07


Sorry you're having such a shit time. I have no advice but I'll happily read whatever you need to vent lol.

I re started my pill 6 weeks after having my son 8 months ago but seemed to get back to normal straight away (sorry probably not what you wanted to hear). But I have had large clots in my period since having my son (again sorry if that's TMI). I'm looking at the implant now. Sounds very good! Lol x

SummerKelly Thu 22-Jun-17 16:31:22

I had this experience nearly all the time on the pill and mini pill before and after pregnancy. I gave up in the end. Had a laparoscopy and nothing wrong, consultant just said I had (her words) "crap hormones"!

BringMeTea123 Thu 22-Jun-17 16:53:42

Microgynon is the worst pill! Definitely gave me mood swings and loss of sex drive since having my son. Even my partner has commented on how quick my mood can change. It's much worse since having my son but I suppose pregnancy can change your hormones x

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