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user1495285705 Sat 20-May-17 14:17:11

My partner and I are currently seeking advice concerning PGD.

My partner has a genetic disease called FSHD and we are wanting to have a child without passing on the disease. We have recently had an appointment and they told us about a clinic in London and Nottingham.

I am hoping that someone out there is able to provide some advice and just tell us your story if you have been through the process.

Thank you xxx

Gribbie Sat 20-May-17 14:20:17

I had PGD at crgh in London. I have a muscle myopathy. Any questions you have feel free to ask. Best of luck. Xx

Gribbie Sat 20-May-17 14:21:31

Fertilityfriends is great for asking questions too. Lots of info there. I was lucky 2nd time round for baby1 and 3rd time round for baby2.

CarabellaSmella Sat 20-May-17 14:26:33

You might be better posting this in the Infertility section, lots of people there with IVF and PGD experience. I have been referred for PGD due to a chromosome issue, but still waiting for first appointment coming through, so no real advice to offer yet!
Also, as Gribbie said, FertilityFriends has a specific forum for PGD.

sophie1705 Sat 20-May-17 14:30:09

Hi thank you for your reply

We have been told about the process and we gets the first 3 attempts on the NHS if we are fortunate enough for the first attempt to be successful we however don't get any further attempts for free and it looks like it could cost us over 10k including travel expenses. Fingers crossed we are successful in the 3 attempts. One buba would be amazing if we know it will be free of the disease.

I am just wanting to know if there are any negative review for either of the clinics. We are guessing that the London one will be better probably more experienced however we are North of the country making the Nottingham one a lot easier for us x

sophie1705 Sat 20-May-17 15:33:00

I have just been on fertility friends. It seems really good. Haven't had chance to have a good read but I'll definitely be going back on. Thanks again.

Gribbie Sat 20-May-17 16:53:20

I traveled from north wales to London for mine. Stayed down there during stimulation, back home after egg collection until transfer. My first child was paid for my the NHS and my 2nd we paid for. Yes, about 10k each time - X3 - good job she's cute!

Gribbie Sat 20-May-17 16:54:36

You can see the stats on the hfea website. Might help you choose where to go. Xx

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