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How long did you have to wait for a coil fitting

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HoleySock Sun 14-May-17 20:37:48

As the title suggests. I asked the gp for the coil at my six week pp check up. Six weeks later I still don't have an appointment. I've phoned and asked and they tell me I'm on the waiting list but can't tell me when I'll get an appointment.

I'm just so scared of getting pregnant again! We have three (wanted and adored) children through negligent condom use

speakyourmindkindagirl Sun 14-May-17 20:43:36

I'm not sure but whatever you do don't get the Merina coil fitted, I had mine removed after 5 months as was sending me crazy, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations and felt like I was going mad. Took it out and felt normal again! Lots of bad reviews on the internet about it wish I'd have read before.

PippaFawcett Sun 14-May-17 20:49:40

Ages! I had to chase and I was told the same as you. Perhaps be a bit more careful with the condoms in the meantime? grin

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Sun 14-May-17 20:51:15

speakyourmindkindagirl that's unfair to the OP. I had mine for the whole 5 years and never had the slightest difficulty or side effect. Give the OP opinions by all means, but not everyone has had problems with it.

OP, maybe try the local family planning clinic (often via GU med)? I waited 2 weeks for mine there.

Backhometothenorth Sun 14-May-17 20:53:46

Yes weeks and had to have a phone interview and drive miles to the clinic, as two local-ish ones have stopped offering the service.

Also agree with PP about mirena- I opted for a copper coil this time.

dementedpixie Sun 14-May-17 20:54:37

I've had mine for 5 years. I'm now waiting on a gynae appointment to get it removed as the strings aren't visible

tink86 Sun 14-May-17 20:55:42

I had to wait a few weeks but got booked in at the gp. I think it's also a bit harsh to tell her to not have one fitted. I've had mine a month and half now and so far so good!

ThatItBe Sun 14-May-17 20:56:40

Yes, ages! Two Drs offered this service on two afternoons in the week. One slot each. There was a waiting list and you had to be at a certain point in the menstrual cycle. It was practically impossible.

Acornantics Sun 14-May-17 21:09:22

My GP doesn't offer it as a service any longer, so the only option is to go to the local cosh clinic, which is open for an unhelpful 2 hours a week, from 5pm to 7pm on a Tuesday. I need one replacing as it's but been in 5 years, but have no idea how to get it done!

speakyourmindkindagirl Sun 14-May-17 21:13:28

I'm only telling her my experience and that if you google Merina there are some pretty bad experiences out there! I'm not advising not to get one fitted, just that this one seems to give many women alot of problems, more so than others statistically.

HoleySock Sun 14-May-17 21:24:46

Thanks for the replies. My gp guided me towards a Mirena and I agreed but then came home and googled more and decided to try the copper coil first. I have bad experiences with hormonal birth control - they turn me into a banshee - so decided to try the copper first. If that doesn't work for me then I think it'll be the snip for hubs but it's so permanent and I don't want to make life altering decisions this close to having given birth.
Glad to know it's not just me that's having to wait forever. We've already slipped up twice on the condom front and seem to have gotten away with it. Really don't want to tempt fate.

clematisflower Sun 14-May-17 21:32:34

Mine was three months from seeing GP to being fitted. It was supposed to be two months, but they refused to do it that day as I hadn't been taking my pill properly for the three weeks in advance so they couldn't guarentee I wasn't pregnant (even though I knew I wasn't!). I found this fruststrating and I'm sure most clinics aren't as rigid - but thought I'd mention it as the last thing you need is to be turned away at the fitting like I was! Had to wait a further month for the next appointment.
I've had the mirena in for 6 months now and it's suiting me well.

HoleySock Sun 14-May-17 22:32:46

@clematisflower wow that's a crazy long wait, I'm anxious about using a pill as a temp measure because they really do not agree with me but I don't know if I can go that long...

Monkeyface26 Sun 14-May-17 22:49:26

I have had to wait months each time (am on my 3rd).
2nd DD is an August baby & I was offered a January appt. GP surgery has one coil fitting clinic per month. I didn't enquire until my 6 week check & that was 1st available. I was struggling with pnd & felt that I really needed to connect with my husband, feel loved etc.
Saying that, I've been using copper coil for 16 yrs now, so am on my 3rd. I really rate it. Never did well with hormonal methods.

purplepaisley Mon 15-May-17 08:50:46

I found it difficult to get an appt with the GP as only one doctor at my surgery did it, and then only on Tues afternoons and you had to book the nurse to be there at the same time, so practically impossible to arrange!

GP had trouble fitting mine so I had to go to the GOSH clinic - I think i had to book as I was a special case, but pretty sure they fitted them at the walk in clinic too. Have always gone back to clinic since, rather than trying GP. Copper coil was fine for me between dcs, if hormones don't agree with you it's probably the best option.

IncaAztec Mon 15-May-17 08:54:47

For my copper coil fit- had to have an appt with the nurse then swabs come back clear before they would book it, then they have to have a nurse free at the same time-all in all, nearly a month.

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