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Advice please - Fatigue followed by bleeding on pill

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Lizzy421 Wed 19-Apr-17 15:23:28

I know there are lots of threads on mid-cycle bleeding on the pill but I can't find anything relating to bleeding which occurs with an over bearing feeling of fatigue. Does anyone else have this problem.
I've been on the combined pill for years and about 7-10 days into my pack I'll feel awful, so tired I can barely function and when I go to the loo there's always blood, sometimes really light but I always know when it's happening because of how tired I get. This will last about 3-4 days. It sounds daft to complaining of feeling tired but its just horrible, I feel like a zombie. I also start bleeding early, less than 24 hours before my last pill in the packet.
I'm not sure why this happens, i feel like my hormones just plummet or something. I've tried a few different pills and tried the implant which was much worse. I even tried coming off birth control all together but this was worse still as I bled for over 2 weeks each month.
I'm waiting for a gyn appointment but just wondered if anyone else suffers from this and what causes it.

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