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IVF on NHS & criteria

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watto18 Thu 30-Mar-17 16:05:58

Dear mums net
We are at the beginning of the IVF journey, IE I'm on the pill, and I've now found myself in the unfortunate position of discovering my partner has been unfaithful
(a situation partly created by the fact its his sperm quality that has created the need for IVF..I think I underestimated how much this would affect him, and undermine his manhood, its not the only reason, but one of them)
We were about to start our only free round on the NHS, but have asked them if we can postpone due to a 'devastating personal situation'
they have allowed this, but have said if it goes on longer than another month they would ask we speak to their councillors
my question is- if I'm truthful about the reasons are they likely to then consider us 'bad candidates' and bump us off the list?
I'm sure we are not the first couple that has been affected in this way by fertility and the associated issues, I'm not even sure if we will go ahead yet, but want to know how transparent we should be with them
If I do feel we can move forwards from this, and be in an ok frame of mind before putting lots of hormones in my body

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