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Boobs shrinking on nexplanon?

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Jennymumof2 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:39:39

I had my implant replaced with a new one roughly 8 weeks ago and my boobs have gone down two sizes. I dont have other weight loss. I figure it is hormone related but am confused as to why it happened as I didnt take a break inbetween my implants and surely its the same hormone as before. My boobs look like the droopy empty sacks they were after I gave birth 5 years ago. I had loved my boobs before this happened. They were big and firm on my last implant. I know there are worse things to happen but its getting me down. Is there a chance over time they will fill out again? If i eat more and gain a little weight could that help? Or am i just doomed to little boobies now sad

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