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monkeyblonde Wed 22-Feb-17 19:19:57

Since having my 2nd DS 3 years ago I've suffered with v heavy periods but my cycle has been irregular with breakthrough bleeding for the past 10 years or so.

Prior to having children I was offered cauterisation of the cervix along with a Mirena, both of which seemed to stop the bleeding although I was advised by my GP that having children would probably regulate my cycle long term (?!).

I was also diagnosed with ovarian cysts last year along with adenomyosis and after reading up on this I decided to have another Mirena fitted in the hope that it would provide the same relief from the heavy and irregular bleeding and pelvic pain. It was fitted at the beginning of December 2016 and since I have suffered from even more irregular bleeding where I am bleeding for at least 21/28 per month. My moods have been very up and down (more down) and I know this is directly connected to the irregular cycle. It affects my marriage as I do not want to have sex whilst this horrible tarry and sometimes red bleeding is happening.

As I'm approaching my 40th later this year I have had enough of feeling like an emotional wreck, bleeding nearly all the time and also at a size 16 (I was a size 10 this time 3 years ago).

I'm sure that there are others out there in a similar position. I do not want to continue with the Mirena in the hope it settles, I want a proper diagnosis and not to be fobbed off with some ADs. Has anyone had a successful referral and if so which type of specialist did you see? In all of this I've never had a blood test. Would one help?

We are lucky in the fact that we have private health insurance but I'm done with faffing around - please tell me what I should be asking my GP to do at my appointment in the morning. Thanks for reading!

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