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Getting sterilised tomorrow - what to expect?

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TaggySits Mon 20-Feb-17 21:52:59

I'm booked to get sterilised tomorrow (Essure, implanted via vagina) and was wondering what to expect? If you have been through this what was it like for you and how long was your recovery?

TaggySits Mon 20-Feb-17 22:08:20

And had you any side effects?

TaggySits Mon 20-Feb-17 22:24:08


MyBeloved Mon 20-Feb-17 22:28:27

Have you researched Essure? I don't mean to alarm you but there are many women who have had devastating side effects from it. Hair loss, auto-immune problems, massive bleeds, neurological issues, and more. The only way home get the devices removed is by radical hysterectomy.

There is a thread running in general health if you're interested.

MrsPear Mon 20-Feb-17 22:30:02

My local hospital won't even do that procedure! Have you read the side effects?

TaggySits Mon 20-Feb-17 22:37:00

I've been reading up on it, but when I talked to my consultant she reassured me it was safe.

MyBeloved Mon 20-Feb-17 22:37:46

Nothing would convince me to have Essure.

TaggySits Mon 20-Feb-17 22:51:02


MyBeloved Mon 20-Feb-17 22:52:04

geminigirl Mon 20-Feb-17 22:55:44 shock

MyBeloved Mon 20-Feb-17 22:57:44

It's not too late to reconsider taggy x

TaggySits Mon 20-Feb-17 23:09:16

Thanks all.

PopcornBits Tue 21-Feb-17 09:18:15

Let us know how it goes smile good luck for today

TaggySits Tue 21-Feb-17 13:17:40

Thank you popcorn and thank you to those of you who posted the links with concerns - I did read them all, but when I talked everything over with my consultant she was able to reassure me.

Everything was very straightforward, only about 20 mins in theatre and quickly feeling back to normal as only needed sedation rather than a GA.

toribones Tue 14-Mar-17 13:49:11

I really hope that you are one of the lucky ones not effected by Essure, please keep an eye on your overall health as symptoms may not be gynaecological in the first instance and many women do not have ill effects for a few years after implantation. If you have any concerns there are 2 facebook groups dedicated to helping women who have experienced problems with Essure and are campaigning to have it removed from the market, incidentally it was recently banned in Brazil and deemed unsafe and dangerous.

MyBeloved Wed 15-Mar-17 18:49:25

sad for all those adversely affected by Essure but I am pleased Brazil has made this decision.

Hope you're OK Toribones

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