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Stopping NuvaRing - advice?

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NoBlushing Sun 19-Feb-17 15:17:16

Name-change as I'm more bashful than I thought...

DH has recently got the all-clear after his vasectomy. I'm planning to stop using NuvaRing, but nervous as I've had fairly dramatic reactions to changes in hormones in the past.

I'm mid-40s, was on various bc pills pretty-much nonstop from mid-teens, apart from TTC in 30s, when my hormones were all over the place (acne, tantrums, tears at dogs in adverts - felt like a teenager, but in a bad way). Was fitted with Mirena coil when we decided family was complete, but bled pretty much non-stop for two years, sore breasts, evil cramps etc., so had it taken out early.

NuvaRing has been trouble-free (regular light periods are great) except that I have utterly no libido whatsoever, despite upping my exercise and losing nearly 3 stone. I also think I might be depressed, although that might be the weight-loss, which has been a struggle or then again might just be me.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has stopped birth-control, especially NuvaRing, before menopause.

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