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coming off the pill - side effects?

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Ahousemadeofcheese Fri 17-Feb-17 11:36:45

Bit of a background - had a UTI in December which then developed into vaginitis.
I was on the combined pill at the time and ran out whilst this issue was happening.
My doctor then put me on the POP as I was over 35.

My vaginitis got progressively worse and during this time I was experiencing waking up drenched in sweat even though the bedroom was cold and I sleep in the nude!

I went to see a gynaecologist who told me that my vaginitis should go away on its own as it wasn't thrush or bacterial related but dismissed that it could be hormone related.

I ignored the advice of just waiting it out for a year or so! and decided to stop taking the pill - the next day I felt almost 100% better which leads me to believe it is infact a hormone problem so I have booked an appointment with my doctor but the earliest I can get is the end of march.

Since coming off the pill (a week) all I have done is burst into tears at random moments.
I keep having nightmares where im really lethargic and so weak I cant move - then I wake up and feel really week and have butterflies in my stomach which wont go away and sometimes I cant get back to sleep because of this anxious feeling which sometimes lasts all day the next day too.

I cant stop crying all the time! is this a general side effect of coming off the pill after being on it more than 20 years or is this a confirmation that I do indeed have a hormone issue?

omnishamblesssssssssssssss Fri 17-Feb-17 11:42:02

Stopping the pill gave me 9 months of acne. So 9 months of funny hormones.

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